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Libsyn empowers you to expand your influence with podcast hosting services that simplify workflows, transform content delivery, and engage communities everywhere.

Everyone from independent podcasters to enterprise-level finds a home at Libsyn.


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Make Money

Explore Libsyn’s podcasting tools and features and ways to monetize your podcast.

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Millions in Podcast Advertising Payouts to Creators​

Whether aiming for a few dollars a month or building a podcast business empire, join the thousands of creators making money with Libsyn.

Explore Global Podcast Statistics

Immerse yourself in advanced podcast analytics with interactive maps, charts, and insights about fan-favorite apps, players, and destinations. Libsyn’s most-loved IAB Tech Lab-verified stats help you understand your audience and optimize podcast promotion strategies.

Boost Your Podcast Marketing Strategy — Social Scheduling

Promote your latest episode with multiple custom social posts. Schedule custom marketing to go out on different dates and times with unique copy and images. The Social Destinations Calendar makes it easy and keeps you planning ahead.
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Create a Launch-Worthy Podcast Player & Website

Connect with your fans through a cohesive podcast brand everywhere. Customize everything — media players, a podcast website, and show and episode artwork with Design with Canva. From getting started to stardom your podcast will look its best.

Audio & Video Podcast Hosting You Can Trust

Libsyn hosts audio and video podcasts, and all plans include free custom branded audio and video players. Evolve and test — nothing’s stopping you!

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Podcasting Resources for All Creators

Videos, support articles, our “Start a Podcast” guide, live events, and The Feed (the official 
Libsyn podcast about podcasting) cover everything from the basics to advanced creator concerns. 

Start on Libsyn or move to Libsyn and our team will help you achieve podcasting success.


Enterprise Podcasting When You Need More

Ideal for corporations, public personalities, networks and brands, LibsynPro provides superior management, security, and customization options. Create a private podcast or a podcast app to engage customers, fans, and mobile workforces.

Pay by storage, not by audience with our unlimited reach Podcast Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a podcast?

A podcast is the medium of the future. Eighty million Americans (28% of the U.S. 12+ population) listen to podcasts weekly with the most diverse audience ever while driving, cleaning, working out or relaxing. These numbers have only increased for the past decade.

What is podcast hosting

Choose your podcast host for ease and execution — and price. The best podcast hosting platform will offer you turn-key publishing, world-wide distribution, promotion and monetization. They will make it super easy to grow and make money from your podcast. Libsyn offers all this and caters to the independent podcaster who wants complete control over how their show is presented to the world.

How do you pick a podcast host?

Our hosting plans are not based on how many downloads your show gets in a month, but on how much new content is loaded to your account every month. You don’t have to worry about surprise charges or rate increases if your episode downloads and audience grows.

How do podcasts make money?

Any podcast can make money by offering top listeners exclusive content via a Libsyn subscription service. Members get access to special features, like guest interviews, training, archives, and more. When a podcast has enough downloads to attract advertisers on a platform like Libsyn Ads, the host can then earn money by offering host-read or programmatic ads.