006 Jon Baber Interview From WWPD, Tips For Making The Subscription Model Work And Changing The Name Of Your Podcast

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro + Housekeeping :15
  • First Promo- Omega Tau Podcast 2:21
  • On the Libsyn Blog, Podcamp Pittsburgh and the As Heard On Plug-in 2:50
  • Second Promo- Rouge Radio 8:35
  • Interview with Jon Baber from WWPD 9:08
  • Third Promo- Jeff Resnik 29:36
  • Rob, Sarah and Elsie talk all about the subscription model and MyLibsyn 30:11
  • Rob and Elsie catch up on feedback and the latest on Podcasting 49:27

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Newest Articles on the Libsyn Blog and Podcasting Links

Links Mentioned by Jon from WWPD

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob, Elsie and Sarah

Changing of ownership of your Libsyn feed:

The original owner from the registered email would first cancel out their subscription in billing.

Then emails [email protected] – and tells them the email address they want to give ownership over to.

And then support assigns the new email and deletes out the old email – and the new owner logs in and updates the billing.

What cities are in the city part of Libsyn stats – or how granular do we go

There are 210 DMA’s – which is why if any one looks at their city stats – you would see 211 listed if you look all time – and have a decent following. The 211’th is Unknown – no all requests come in with City level info.

How to update your feed in Stitcher

Anyone needing to update their RSS feed will need to send Stitcher the new feed.
Quick email to [email protected] with the new address and it will be swapped out!

Setting up a podcast station on your iOS device

Click on My Stations at the bottom of the Podcasts app. Then tap “New Station” upper right.

Then give the station a title – and then select the shows from the list of shows you are subscribed to – and yes you do need to be subscribed to the show as it only gives you the options for shows from the list of your subscriptions in the podcasts app.

In iTunes 11.1 – there is now support for syncing your Podcast station info to iCloud and sharing between devices. So you can start listening the Feed on the car ride home on your iPhone and then finish listening later in bed on your iPad.


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