007 The Podcast Awards, Cliff Ravenscraft on the Power of Attending Live Conferences and NMX 2014

Episode 7 The Feed The Podcast Awards Cliff Ravenscraft and NMX

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • What’s on the show! :14
  • Drink’n Think’n 4:38
  • On the Libsyn Blog: Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts and Podcast Luminaries 5:02
  • The Accidental Pariah 10:32
  • Podcasting News and Information 11:04
  • 5am Miracle Podcast 16:25
  • Feedback 16:52
    • How big should your audience be before stepping into the subscription model?
    • What if you want to offer our podcast app for free to your audience?
    • How do you upload premium content via the iPhone to Libsyn?
    • User agents and an app for your stats?
  • Cliff, Rob and Elsie chat about live conferences and New Media Expo 2014 30:52
  • Wrap up 1:08:33

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