092 Shownotes Advice and What Is The Optimal Length For Your Podcast?

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Promo 1: Podcast Meander 1:47
  • What do you want from our blog? 2:13
  • Promo 2: The Marketing Disenchanted Podcast 4:00
  • How we feature you! 4:25
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: Adoptees On 5:00
  • Promo 3: Lucky To Be Dad 9:34
  • Dave & Elsie Conversation 10:00
    • Look who’s on the show!
    • Two podcasting awards discussed
    • Podcast Movement meet-up in Vancouver! And Canada is big
    • Thoughts on Cast, Zencastr and others with workflow on recording podcast interviews
    • What are the best practices for adding links in the shownotes? Audio from Steve Stewart
    • A bunch of cool Squarespace sites and Libsyn as a podcast host
    • RSS compilation tools! Audio from Preston
    • The top questions Dave gets in to support!
    • The soap box has been passed on: Dave on the length of episodes
    • Stats, stats, stats! Rob drops in to give us the scoop

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Dave and Elsie

Podcast Squarespace sites with Libsyn hosted media

Tiffany Han
Live Black Sheep
Books Between
Artful Camera
Adoptees On
Jan McCarthy
The Anxiety Coaches Podcast
Wasting All The Time
Everyday Ethics

Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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