098 Lawnmower Man and Apple Podcast Analytics

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Promo 1: Rock Your Retirement 1:30
  • Join the Voxer Group! 2:00
  • Dan and Jared from Podcast Movement give us a head’s up! 3:41
  • Promo 2: Under The Puppet 7:20
  • How we feature you! 7:40
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: 1995 7:51
  • Promo 3: 11:08
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 11:49
    • Rob talks Fiber
    • Rob talks why women love to date men with iPhones
    • Holly Worton voices fun tweet from Saturday Morning Media 15:36
    • We announce the winners of the #PMfun17 giveaway!
    • Elsie advocates to join the Voxer group
    • Chris Nesi tells us how cool Voxer is to build community and gather audience feedback 23:05
    • Elsie thinks that automatically distributing content in all places will automatically build audience. NO. IT. DOES. NOT.
    • WWDC iOS 11 beta and Apple’s Podcast App v 3.0
    • Castro and iHeart Radio get super cool updates
    • When you need another site other than the Libsyn Podcast Page
    • What about your listeners asking questions when they leave a review in iTunes?
    • If you are an S-Town fan, there is a podcast called KunstlerCast
    • Feedburner bites another podcaster in the arse
    • Podcasting and JSON feeds
    • Rob likes the title of an episode “There are no shortcuts, it takes a good show”
    • The disdain when people wanna make money with podcasting right away
    • Ad cutting announced for LibsynPRO
    • How having an app for your show can really help you keep listeners
    • A bit about Podsearch
    • Stats, stats, stats: median and mean

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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