099 Podcasting Advocacy, IAB Podcast Advertising Study and Clammr Death

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Promo 1: A Toast To Truth 1:40
  • Join the Voxer Group! 2:10
  • Promo 2: By Association 3:08
  • How we feature you! 3:35
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: Emil Amok’s Take Out 4:09
  • Promo 3: Gear Shift 10:50
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 11:30
    • What happened to Elsie’s van and a thank you from Elsie
    • Dear Clammr users, Clammr is dead
    • Discussing why audio apps and services die
    • What you can do when you don’t have an episode to publish, audio feedback from Stargate Pioneer 23:27
    • Prime Day is coming! July 11! And Rob goes into over active nerd compulsions
    • Why Prime Day is important to podcasters
    • 6 Ft Mama has integrated the Libsyn Podcast Page really nicely into her existing WordPress site
    • Dr Kyle asks about app only content available via the Libsyn Podcast App offering 36:09
    • How to share podcasting with people that don’t listen, or don’t know about podcasting aka #PodcastAdvocacy
    • New product release! iRig Pro I/O! Coolest thing ever 55:06
    • Apple’s new stats could revolutionize the way we find podcasts
    • Elsie was featured on Inside Podcasting! She’s premium 😜
    • A transcription conversation and ADA non-compliance
    • “Is there any way, via Libsyn (or elsewhere), to track how many people have listened to the podcast but not downloaded it?”
    • Are Soundcloud stats recorded in Libsyn? And the very clear answer will leave you 😳
    • Podcaster survey alert! Let’s help a podcaster get her Phd!
    • What ad blocking and pop-overs have to do with dynamic ads
    • IAB Podcast Ad revenue study an analysis condensed by Rob
    • Get your cards to Rob to take to Podcast Movement!
    • Real stats around what it means to have your podcast featured on the front page of iTunes
    • User Agents Stats

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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