108 280 Characters, Time Stamps and Preaching To The Choir

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :11
  • Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: The Addictions Podcast 1:57
  • How to get your voice on the show and promote yourself and some announcements 4:34
  • Promo 1: Voices of Deconversion 7:35
  • Elsie and Rob Conversation 8:05
    • Rob got an iPhone X
    • New Libsyn features! 280 characters and time stamp player
    • Going to YouTube and sharing all of your podcasts with the tap of a button
    • Breaking down a bunch of apps that index episode titles (and those that don’t) #naughtylist
    • Elsie comes in to say Breaker DOES support search for episodes! 22:22
    • Thoughts about audiosear.ch going away
    • Yes, you do have to have at least ONE episode of your show published on your feed before your feed is accepted by Apple
    • PROMO 2: Really Famous Podcast 30:47
    • The best 1 start reviews ever
    • When the date of your podcast publishing doesn’t match with what apps show you
    • How many podcasts were added to Spotify?
    • The two minute option for publishing your show in YouTube
    • Chorus
    • A lovely long list of all the apps showing what your shownotes look like
    • When you record someone for an article can you then make the recording into a podcast?
    • Anybody use Hindenburg to record Skype conversations?
    • PROMO 3: Darknet Diaries 55:33
    • Facebook OnPublishing, where do those stats go?
    • STATS, STATS, STATS: User agents, mean and median!

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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