003 The Future of Podcasting is Mobile, Hidden Libsyn Features and Listening To Your Podcast Once It’s Published

The Future of Podcasting is Mobile, Hidden Libsyn Features and Listening To Your Podcast Once It’s Published

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Details on submitting your podcast promos, Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast feature requests AND pitching your own segments to the show! 1:35
  • Featured podcasting articles and media plus what’s new on the Libsyn Blog.3:35
  • The Social Media Conversation: Do you listen to your podcast once it’s published? 19:03
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation: 27:24
    • Our current podcasting set-up
    • Podcasting rituals + listening to your own podcast
    • 1 Billion podcast subscriptions in iTunes
    • iTunes SEO
    • Latest stats on Libsyn downloads per user agents aka where are people listening to your podcast?
    • The latest download stats for The Feed!
    • Podcasting futures discussion inspired by @UMiAudio aka Jackson Rogers from Podcasting FAQs
    • Libsyn Destinations: what they are and how to leverage them
    • Limiting your feed in Libsyn to avoid the Feedburner 512 kb limit
    • Rob comments on Techcrunch’s article: “Apple Developing Audio Hyperlinks, A Way For Audio Streams To Link To Other Media Or Control Devices”
    • Twitter followers do not equal podcast listeners

Featured Podcast Promos

Podcasting articles and media about podcasting

Social Media Links Shared on Podcasting

Newest Articles on the Libsyn Blog

Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

Libsyn social media community conversations


Hey all, thank you and welcome to episode 3 of The Feed: The official Libsyn Podcast, the podcast that takes it beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting, with podcasting tips for the everyday podcaster + taking you inside Libsyn the largest podcast host and distribution network since 2004!

Thank yous as always first to all of you guys that have been sharing the podcast, tweeting about us, and responding to us. We are super pleased by the way this podcast has been received and it’s totally fired us up even more to create great content!

Really quick house keeping again, just for those that might be listening in for the first time.

If you are a libsyn podcaster and want to be featured in our Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts series all you have to do is email thefeed(at)libsyn.

I schedule those on a first come first serve basis, so when you get all the info to me that you need to get to me, I’ll schedule you on the next available date.

The Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts posts usually go live on Mondays.

Being that we desire this to be a community podcast, featuring your voices and conversations, your promos are super important to this show.

If you have a 30 sec or less promo for your show send it over!

Promos are a great way to distill your message.

They are a great exercise for you to capture what you are about in 30 seconds or less, so even if you don’t send your promo in, consider creating one. It will at minimum give you a more solid sense of your podcast and how to go about sharing your message.

Send your promos to the feed at libsyn…and again, these are also scheduled on a first come first serve basis!

Conversations from how to increase your iTunes reviews to how podcasting got it’s name

How To Increase Your Podcast Reviews without Cheating on the Traffic Generation Cafe Blog and it’s by guest author Ryan Handley.

I do a lot of scanning but this line sucked me in:

“If you thought ranking on Google is mysterious, try figuring out how to get to the top of an iTunes list where there is absolutely zero definitive knowledge on ranking factors…”

He goes on to share 5 ways to increase your reviews on iTunes, my favorite, and easiest being, creating a vanity URL.

6 interviews with some of the top names in podcasting from John Paul Aguiar

I would amend the title a little bit to be the top marketing and business names in podcasting 🙂

Great stuff from long time podcaster Mitch Joel from from Six Pixels of Separation answering the question “Would you recommend a new blogger START with Podcasting as part of their audience building process? Or should they build their audience first then launch the podcast after?”

>There is no rules for this. My recommendation is to publish content that you have a burning desire to create. If you always loved audio or fiddled with college radio, I think podcasting is a great way to create and deliver content. If you’re more of a writer, don’t fight it.”

Study: U.S. Consumes More Digital Media Than TV for First Time from an article on Mashable

In 2010, Americans spent just 24 minutes a day consuming non-voice media on their phones. In 2013, the rate catapulted to two hours and 22 minutes of mobile consumption (more than five times higher).

How Podcasting Got it’s Name by Dave Winer

This article is a response to a reporters assertion that he was the one that named podcasting, when in fact Dave Winer, Adam Curry and Dannie Gregoire share a breakdown of how it all came down in September 2004.

Rob and Elsie’s notes

Apple’s 1 Billion Podcast Subscription celebration
* They released this number on July 22 celebrated via iTunes
* Why focus on this now?

Applecore Media and user agents

  • AppleCore Media which includes the Podcasts App and iTunes dominate.
  • Followed by Browsers – Chrome, MSIE, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari and Opera – in that order, although a huge gap between Safari and Opera.
  • Android – Dalvik / Stagefright – is the built in media players in Android.
  • Personal Podcast Apps – include those which we do for shows., like WTF app Rob’s app and Elsie’s app.
  • Then it is Stitcher followed by all the other Aggregator mobile apps combined
    Shifty Jelly Podcasts
    Tunein Radio

The Feed stats by user agent:

* Applecoremedia (4x greater than anything else)
* iTunes
* Chrome
* Firefox
* Stitcher

Podcasting futures discussion via @UMiAudio aka Jackson Rogers from Podcasting FAQs

@libsyn Love for you to discuss podcasting futures on ur podcast. I have big ideas but I’m worried its curbed by homemade ethos. Thoughts? To be clear, I like the low barriers to access, but I think people forget that it can be high quality and professional as well.

And that’s all folks!

If you have any questions or any feedback, send it along to thefeed(at)libsyn(dot)com!

We’d LOVE LOVE LOVE your audio feedback!

AND if you have a segment that you’d love to create for us, if you have something that you are super genius about and have some great expertise in, email thefeed(at)libsyn(dot)com pitch it to me and we’ll see if we can have it be part of the show.

Again, community voices is where it’s at!



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