004 Social Media Marketing For Podcasters with Rick Mulready, Failure To Parse Server and Promoting Yourself With Feedback

Social Media Marketing For Podcasters with Rick Mulready, Failure To Parse Server and Promoting Yourself With Feedback

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Housekeeping and how to get featured as a Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts as well as where to send your podcast promos! :24
  • Digital Media Branding Promo 3:51
  • What’s new on the Libsyn Blog as well as a super quick catch up on the Social Media conversation on Twitter and Facebook 4:09
  • Krystal on image podcast image information and support 7:54
  • Kevin Bachelder from Tuning In To Scifi TV 10:28
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation: 11:53
    • Discussion of feedback from Kevin Bachelder from Tuning In To Scifi TV
    • Feedback on the blog from: Bob DeGrande on Amadeus Pro and Steve from The Money Plan SOS Podcast
    • Discussion of podcasting articles from The Money Pillow, Blog Tips, USA Today and New Media Expo.
    • Should we add your promos as podcast episodes in between proper The Feed Episodes? YOUR feedback requested!
    • What are Libsyn slugs or what is a show slug
    • Your show surveys and why they are important
    • Failure to parse server and other failure to upload errors
    • The latest download stats for The Feed as well as our top user agents
    • Prove Rob wrong! Send feedback about all the feedback that you get via SpeakPipe!
    • Simple Journeys To Odd Destinations Promo 52.59
  • Rick Mulready Marketing Your Podcast Interview 53:29
    • Addressed James Harmer from the Improve Photography Podcast about not having time to see everything we do three times.
    • What are the best social media practices for podcasters with no business know-how and no budget to drive listeners
    • Feedback from David Dear about the most common social media venues and which are the most significant
    • From Greg Elwell on best practices and rules of thumb on how often to promote.
    • From Aaron Barney how to use Facebook Fan Pages to maximize listeners
    • From Joshua Liston on whether or not the quality of your show is enough or should you promote
    • Discussion on the @spidermann tweet about The Overheard Podcast
    • BlodCast Promo 1:48:51

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Podcasting articles and media about podcasting

Newest Articles on the Libsyn Blog and Links mentioned

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie

Links and services mentioned by Rick Mulready

Libsyn social media community conversations

Hey all, thank you and welcome to Episode 4 of The Feed: The official Libsyn Podcast, the podcast that takes it beyond how to podcast into keeping you podcasting, with podcasting tips for the everyday podcaster + taking you inside Libsyn the largest podcast host and distribution network since 2004!

I’m very excited about the rise of feedback! Yipeeee! AND thank you so very much for you guys that have been sharing our podcast!

I’ve seen an uptake on the pre-populated tweet that we have when you go to libsyn.com/blog/share, which is a super easy way to do it, as well as tons of re-tweets. We really appreciate your support with that!

The majority of this week’s content is based on your direct feedback as well as a bit of indirect feedback which are twitter questions or email questions that Rob and I get over and over again.

Also, do to your feedback I’m shifting the format of the show a tiny little bit, specifically the AMOUNT of information I share from our social media properties.

It was mainly inspired by the comments by Jim Harmer in this post on Facebook. Rick Mulready and I address this more specifically during the interview.

If you are a Libsyn podcaster and want to be featured in our Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts series all you have to do is email thefeed(at)libsyn.

I schedule those on a first come first serve basis, so when you get all the info to me that you need to get to me, I’ll schedule you on the next available date.

The Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts are blog posts that usually go live on Mondays

Send in your 30 second or less podcast promo!

They are a great exercise for you to capture what you are about in 30 seconds or less, so even if you don’t send your promo in, consider creating one. It will at minimum give you a more solid sense of your podcast and how to go about sharing your message.

Send them into thefeed(at)libsyn(dot)com!

Libsyn power tips

What is your SHOW SLUG – This is your account name – the unique ID for your Libsyn account.

For example Rob’s Libsyn blog page for Today in iOS is tii.libsyn.com – his account slug is tii.

For podcast411 his blog on Libsyn is podcast411.libsyn.com – his slug is podcast411

Often times people will us or support and say they have a question about their account or something they want looked at in their account – and then don’t give any information on their account.

**Always always always include your show slug ** as well as the email you use to log into your account in any emails you submit to support or to either Rob or I.

There are well over 13,000 Libsyn users – so to help expedite any questions or support tickets always include your Libsyn account slug and your email. And even better if it is a support related issue – submit it from in your account by clicking on support in the upper left corner of your account when logged in. This automatically gets your account info into the support ticket.

You have a Libsyn survey!

You have a demographic survey with Libsyn to help you build an email list.


FAILURE TO PARSE SERVER…and other errors*
Why you might get an error message when uploading a file:

One of the reasons you might be contacting support is because you are getting an error message when uploading a new file. It might be failed to parse or the NAN NAN error.

The usual reason for this is you have a file name with special characters, and/or lots of spaces and/or it is really long.

It is best for your file names to only use letters and numbers and the underscore.

A good file name would be:

A bad file name would be:
today we talk to cory doctrow!!! OMG:).mp3

And YES Rob has seen some very similar to that.

At this moment when using Libsyn system we recommend Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. We suggest staying away from any version of IE. Libsyn4 will better support it, but at this moment use other browsers.

Rick Mulready on Social Media For Podcasters

Here is where you can find Rick. Of course you have to subscribe to his Inside Social Media Podcast AND for all your podcast listeners he does have a free gift just for you!

Here is a bulleted list of some awesome tips from Rick.

  • Re-purpose your content
  • Give your audience a reason to engage with you
  • Feedback is an opportunity to get better
  • If one person has a question, more than likelya lot more have that same question
  • What are the best ways to leave constructive feedback?
  • Make it easy for people to engage with you
  • Be super concise with your CTA (Call To Action). Make it very clear to your audience what you want them to do
  • Tracking is a challenge. Two great ways to do it: Pretty Link and Google URL Builder
  • Only be where your audience is
  • If you don’t know where your audience is, then ask them.
  • If you can’t ask your audience where they are, experiement.
  • Listen first, add value, then share what you have going on
  • You can always recycle your material, just make sure that you are doing it in a way that adds value to your listeners/community
  • Produce quality content and promote more!
  • Teach your audience to take action with you




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