Libsyn at NMX 2015

We have a posse going to NMX this year!

We will be there will bells on aka #podcasting t-shirts answering all your podcasting and podcasting app questions!!!

The Support Team, The Dev Team, The Podcasting Relations Team & The Smartphone Apps Team!

Here’s where to find us:

The North Hall at booth N7714.

Who’s gonna be there?

Meet the team 🙂


gregGreg – the dev Jedi Master. He’s at the helm of the mighty Libsyn development team and he’s gonna be ready to chat with you guys and answer all your questions (including THE most popular question “Are you guys gonna create a standalone app just for our stats?”  Because our podcasters are OBSESSED. Yikes. 10629452_978040485544793_6984063246700962368_oKrystal – the one that you need to make your BFF, like, yesterday. She’s representing our amazing support team. If you have any questions about Libsyn, podcasting or any other tech interwebs query she’s your gal!. BONUS: She’s also the brain and co-host of Libsyn Live. SarahSarah – The unseen Apps angel. Sarah is not often seen and usually quietly heard via email. If you’ve chosen to step into our killer stand-alone smartphone apps offerings, you have in fact touched base with our mighty Apps Lead Sarah. If you have any app questions NOW is the time to ask them! Face to face beats email and phone calls any day!
10155741_777111485635316_4234946342068726151_nRob – The one that is EVERYWHERE. If you listen to podcasts you are bound to have bumped into Rob. He’s the VP of Podcaster Relations over at Libsyn and one of his favorite things to do is to be a guest on people’s podcasts and to podcast. He hosts The Feed, Today in iOS, Podcast411 and KC Start-up 411. elsieElsie (that would be yours truly) – I’m the Podcasting Happiness Expert aka The Social Media Community Manager. If you touch base with Libsyn in any social media properties, it’s me talking to ya! I adore podcasters and a little obsessed with all things podcasting. I  co-host The Feed with Rob and Libsyn Live with Krystal PLUS She Podcasts. soapySoapy – The Libsyn mascot! He’s been with Libsyn the longest out of the entire team. He’s often keeping things jolly in the office, changing outfits anytime that he can. Just kidding…he won’t be there, but he does live in each and every one of our hearts 😉



New Media Expo presentations featuring the Libsyn Team

Monday April 13 – 1:45pm – 2:45pm – Conference Room 9–10


Ever wonder how to market and grow your podcast? Do you ever feel like every post about this subject is trying to sell you something? Not in this presentation!

Rob will get you all square away.

  • You’ll get why “Twitter Bombing” does NOT work
  • REAL stats + numbers! #OMG
  • All kinds of marketing your show outside of iTunes that have proven to work + all the details of myths vs reality in iTunes (best practices.)

Tuesday April 14 – 11 – 11:45am – Westgate Ballroom D


Y’all are gonna have to listen to this panel with Rob Walch, Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane. It’s always soooooooo fun when these luminaries get together…especially when they don’t agree 😉

Tuesday April 14 – 12 – 12:45pm – Westgate CR 9


If you ever thought that paying serious cash for a better microphone or some other magic that you don’t have, would make you sound better, I’ll teach you that it’s not about your microphone or any other stuff.

  • You’ll get the scoop on: key structural and postural alignment to let your voice find it’s most dynamic range.
  • Tools to recognize habitual and unconscious patterns that are keeping you from connecting with your audience.
  • Exercises to open your shoulders, neck, jaw and lungs so you sustain stamina and get out of pain do to sitting in front of your computer for hours.

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