Getting The Most From A Microphone – It’s Not About Your Microphone with Elsie Escobar at NMX

Elsie Escobar's Session at NMX

I work with a lot of podcasters.

I get the opportunity to correspond and advice Libsyn podcasters as well as the ladies from the She Podcasts community.

I see so much confusion and doubt about tools and practices that end up making the podcaster feel completely insecure with the KEY feeling that they are missing something.

If they only had X, or Y or even Z, they would TOTALLY sound better or even simply feel confident with their voice!

But that’s not the case, because it’s NOT about your microphone. And surprise, surprise, it has nothing to do with hardware or software – AND you don’t have to buy anything!!!

You will get the most out of your microphone. I guarantee it 🙂

  • You’ll find out exactly what to look for to make more impact with your VOICE.
  • You’ll physically experience a level of openness that will more powerfully expand your message.
  • You’ll get the tools necessary to make confident choices about what you need to do to up-level the sound of your voice.

Come and join me!

TODAY at noon- Westgate CR 9!

I’d love to see you there!


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