044 The Podcast Patent Troll Is Dead, New Media Expo Re-dux 2015 And Cool New Podcasting Mics

podcast awards, new media expo 2015 recap

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro 12:02
  • Promo 1: The Martial Arts Nation Podcast 3:10
  • Rockin’ Libsyn Podcaster Pilar Orti 4:08
  • Katie from Brain Burps About Books shares her podcasting hacks! 7:03
  • Promo 2: The Ingles Podcast 11:52
  • How we feature YOU 12:25
  • Promo 3: Voice-Over Journey 15:11
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation 15:40
    • Rob’s excitement over his upcoming Apple Watch.
    • Ding dong the podcast patent is dead and we tell you all about it!
    • Yeay Serial won a Peabody Award!
    • FYI iTunes does NOT update ASAP.
    • Great feedback from a Libsyn user at meeting us at NMX!
    • Wayne has something to share with us about NMX. 28:00
    • Rob’s experience at New Media Expo.
    • The story about Rob’s epic session.
    • Video podcasting is NOT as popular as we ALL thought aka surprising stats about video podcasting.
    • Elsie’s experience at New Media Expo – we start with the sessions.
    • Social Media at live events aka IRL is NOT social.
    • A bit of Elsie’s workflow to prepare for covering a conference via social media.
    • We showcased you on our booth and people LOVED it.
    • How to make NMX better.
    • And then, the discussion moves onto the Podcast Awards.
    • The Podcast Awards Winners!
    • You should never have to pay to be part of an awards show.
    • Rob’s super cool podcaster microphone finds from NAB. 1:06:50 and 1:08:41
    • Someone wants to sit down and edit a podcast episode with you. Should you? Rob goes off – a bit.

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