How To Start A Podcast: Step By Step Or Podcasting 101/201

How to podcast the best and easiest way

How to start a podcast?

What exactly is the the tech I need to start a podcast?

What about workflow! How does one do that? What’s the best podcast workflow?

In this session with the awesome tech educator Krystal O’Connor, who happens to be part of our support team, you’ll get everything you’ve ever wanted to know about starting a podcast!

Watch the video below and follow along for just an hour to get more free podcasting information than you even knew was possible.

Skip to 3:50 to get started!

A quick run-down of the podcasting workshop

  • Who is your audience?
  • Narrowing your concept to specifics
    • Show title
    • Show description
    • Show artwork (with necessary tech specifications!)
  • Gear & software
    • Microphones
    • Audio interfaces
    • Accessories
  • Show prep through production workflow
    • Episode outline => hit record => edit => produce
    • Helpful hints for episode prep
    • Recording best practices
    • Editing best practices
    • ID3 Tags and why they are important!
  • The publishing process
    • Why do you need a podcast host?
    • What to look for in a podcast host?
    • Using Libsyn as a host
    • Best practices in signing up for Libsyn
    • Publishing your first episode!
  • The launch process
    • Submitting your podcast RSS to iTunes
    • Submitting to other podcast directories and destinations: Google Play Music, iHeart Radio, and more!
    • What equipment to take for mobile and extremely portable podcasting in conferences?



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