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This I do for me Women Over 50, Black and Fabulous podcast

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Q & A with Robin from This I Do For Me

When did you start podcasting.

I started my podcast in July of 2019. I have learned so much from my coaches Nicaila Okome and Lene Hypolite, who believed in me and thought I had a podcast topic that would benefit a lot of Black women age 50+.

They offered solid professional advice around selecting a topic, offering a podcast that has excellent audio quality, positioning my podcast on social media and the selection of the appropriate equipment.

I had a big learning curve, but after 10 episodes, I have worked out the kinks and plan on reaching a larger audience.

Why did you start podcasting?

I noticed a dearth of content surrounding African American women age 50+. There didn’t seem to be anything out there that was addressing the needs, concerns nor the lifestyles of this demographic.

I wanted to provide a platform for these women through hearing the successes, challenges and hard times that they endured to arrive at their current point.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

The name of my podcast is This I Do For Me: Women Over 50, Black and Fabulous! The format is done in an interview style.

To date we have covered topics like Speed Dating for Older Women, Healing Toxic Mother/Daughter Relationships, Fitness for the Older Woman, Living Abroad as an older Black Woman, How to Turn Your Property into a Bed and Breakfast, Lymphedema in Black Women and Overcoming a Tumultuous Divorce.

I will also focus on some of those tough subjects in future episodes like dealing with Alzheimer’s in Aging Loved Ones. The whole goal of the podcast is to illustrate that life does not end at age 50, and that there are so many new adventures and experiences awaiting women in our age group.

What ‘s Your Podcasting Set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

The majority of my episodes have been recorded in-person.

I use Garageband and Skype (for remote interviews); I use an Apple laptop and my microphone is an ATR 2100.

I use a professional sound person to edit my podcast – editing is something that I really don’t have the time nor patience to do – I see it as an investment!

How have you promoted your podcast?

I use social media a lot! Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Constant Contact. I use snippets of the interviews and or mini-videos sometimes. I am in the process of actively building my Instagram following.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

What I know now is that although monetizing my podcast is a plus, the greater benefit is that so many women are benefiting from the content and connecting with the guests as a way to build their own networks and to obtain more information about the topic.

If you are a black woman in your 50s, this is the show for you! Don’t delay and start to re-connect with light minded women in order to thrive! Subscribe today!

In case you are up for taking steps beyond listening to a podcast, Robin is planning on getting together two international excursions for women age 50+ to Ghana in 2021 and Southeast Asia – Cambodia, Vietnam, along with Shanghai, China. If you’re interested, follow Robin on Instagram to stay tapped into all the information!

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