Behind The Scenes and COVID–19 FAQS From Libsyn

We know your email is getting bombarded with all kinds of coronavirus information from every single business you’ve ever come into contact with in the entire world!

There are some of you that are ok with this, but there are also some of you that are kind of ’over it.

We get it. We completely understand the information overload and have seen folks loudly complain about all the email spam, but we also know that in times of uncertainty, people do want information.

In lieu of adding more bulk to your inbox and still getting some info to you, this blog post will give you a bit of BTS of Libsyn, some key questions we’ve been asked as well as link you to a more formal response to any COVID–19 related Libsyn company FAQs.

If you’re an online service company why are you posting about COVID–19?

It’s funny how when we use online services, especially things like backup, hosting or even something like regular email we only think of it in online terms, but in order for those things to work humans have to be involved 😜

Of course, not in the same way humans are involved in making your food at a restaurant, or delivering your mail, or doing your nails or running a talk show with a studio audience, but there are humans.

When the pandemic took hold, Libsyn’s President Laurie Sims sent an email that was very well received. In fact we even had folks creating social media posts of her words!

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And yes, our mission to help get your voice out into the world, although inspiring, can feel like a very intangible sentiment but it also involves humans making it happen.

We have Developers.

We have Administrative Staff.

We have a Support Team.

We have a Podcasting Relations crew.

We have a Communications and Marketing squad.

All of us make sure in one way or another to keep you podcasting 😬

Which leads me to the other question…

Are you ok?

Thanks for asking! Yes. We are ok.

The whole team is currently WFH! And, historically, we have had a handful of team members that have always been remote.

In 2018, the Libsyn Office had a bit of a remodel and for a few months the team had to work remotely, so we are quite prepared for the current situation – although of course, at that time, it wasn’t a shelter in place/quarantine type of situation😨

As a way to give you a bit of insight into who the humans behind libsyn are and how we are all doing with this whole WFH while in pandemic, we share the team below answering a couple of questions.

BTS Libsyn WFH

This is Dax. She came to us a few years ago as a rescue. Turned out she was about 2 weeks old when she joined our family. She is very smart and has learned to jump thru a hoop. Most impressive is she knows not to walk on computer keyboards. As you can see, she likes to hang out with us.

Steve, Dev

The best part of working from home is being home with my kiddos. I don't miss a thing! The hard part of not getting to the office is I don't get to see anyone. I miss my people, I miss the watercooler conversation, I miss the face to face collaboration.

Krystal, Support, Product

Best Part of Remote Work: GF and I are both working remote, so it's nice being able to see each other whenever. What I miss about the office: dips, the much bigger space to work, people

Lee, Dev

The best part of working from home is sleeping in and enjoying my five foot commute to work. I miss the commutes. When you're driving to work you're getting focused on how you're going to accomplish your tasks, when you're driving home you're decompressing from a long day. Then lastly the water cooler talk and getting to know your co-workers on a deeper level can help you work better as a team.

Dave, Support

The best part of WFH is being with my dog and cat all day! I get lots of love here 🙂 But I do miss Friday lunches, Salad Bar Monday, dip on Wednesdays, Scarlett selling Girl Scout cookies and Bethel Park High School Band hoagies - basically I miss the food.

Cindy, AdOps

I enjoy being able to go to work wearing jogging pants. The thing I miss most about being in the office? Less toys to cleanup.. Oh and I can work in my socks too

Tony, Dev

My biggest change for WFH is breakfast for dinner! And I would like to social distance from my fridge (pictured: measuring tape from desk to refrigerator)

Laurie, President

The best part working from home is listening to my office mates Frenchie and Spock snore while I am on a conference call and wondering if those on the other end think that it is me snoring.

Rob, Podcaster Relations

The best part working from home is setting my own work schedule. There's nothing like being able to adjust based on what our family needs and make up what needs to be done outside of business hours or even weekends. That is also the worst part. It's hard to stop working. Since I've essentially always worked outside of the office I can only say that what I miss the most is being able to drop into the office, always blown away by the ability to work and not be interrupted!

Elsie, Community, Podcaster Relations

Best part of working from home: more plant babies, view of trees, natural light, all the ponytails, & lunch served by the now home hubby. Im lucky he likes to cook! Miss the most about working at the office- Since I work remote, I now miss some of our previous routine outings that easily provided balance for our family.

Sarah, Apps, All The Things

Best part of working from home: the extra time I get to spend with my wife and cats. What I miss about working from the office: Having somewhere to go to everyday.

Dennis, Dev

The best part of working from home? Not needing to get into traffic and commute to an office.  Home-based work saves time and transportation costs and gives the flexibility to work more on global business opportunities.  Working globally requires video and voice calls needing to be done to time zones all over the world.  Being home for work right now is also the safest thing to do given the current COVID-19 virus Pandemic. But, I miss the social interaction in the office and the face-to-face meetings that enable fast action on business projects.

Rob, Podcast Partnerships

Best part of working from home? The commute is great! And look at all this money I'm saving on gas! What I miss about working at the office? Social interaction and the camaraderie mostly. We're a motley bunch and I do miss being able to see faces.

Seth, Support

Best Part: 2 O'clock walks with my roommates Worst Part: No fun games to determine who takes out the trash 😭

Zach, Support

Best part of working from home? I don't miss the 45 minute one-way communte to the office! And, enjoying the comforts of home. What I miss at working at the office? All the shenanigans in the office, the group walks, lunches, and camaraderie.

Mike, Dev

Best part about working from home: my morning routine and commute is significantly shorter. What I miss about working at the office: The mid-workday shenanigans and the face to face interaction (and my dual monitor setup)

Ian, Support

What about Libsyn’s business?

Great question! Now that you know a bit of the team and are wondering about how we are properly responding to COVID–19, we have an official FAQ page to stay informed and use as a reference.

Here’s the link.

We will continue to keep supporting you, your podcast, and your voices as we rediscover and evolve the podcasting space once again. This is where podcasts and podcasting excels. Stay well. We are all in this together.




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