A Big Call-Out to The Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts of 2021!


What mattered most in 2021

Your voice. Each and every one of you.

Podcasting has always been the place where expertise, passion and personality meet to share, reflect, laugh, instruct, encourage, question and provoke—sometimes all at the same time! 2021 was no different, except it was.

This year podcasters like you kept pace with a varying pandemic and its whims, exuding determination, commitment and a touch of obsession to keep podcasting not only alive and well, but thriving. 

Every day we at Libsyn welcomed new podcasters to this fold inviting them into the dynamic community you have all created—together.

Thank you 2021 Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts!

As you probably know, each Monday we feature a podcaster just like you on our Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts series. Featured podcasters range in topics from A to Z, but have one thing in common in all cases: an intense love for what they do and a belief in their podcast. 

They offer a wealth of  inspiration, ideas, direction, marketing tips, behind-the-scenes insights and more. Read through some of the past posts and hey, maybe even subscribe or follow their shows. We’re sure you’ll end up with at least one more show to add to your queue!

If you’re a Libsyn podcaster and would like to be one of our 2022 Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast features, simply email [email protected] and ask. The podcasting door is wide and welcoming!




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