Top 3 Things Podcasters and Advertisers Need to Know: 2022

The unprecedented growth of the podcast industry brings with it yet untapped opportunities for podcasters and advertisers alike as it continues to evolve!

  1. Top podcasts aren’t your only option for profitable ad placement. More and more, there are highly affordable and effective opportunities for direct response advertisers to partner with small and mid-size podcasts, proven to deliver powerful engagement and outcomes.
  2. Instead of putting all of your money behind one or two big shows, try diversifying across relevant smaller-tier influential shows with a more dovetail fit to reach highly engaged listeners
  3. Tap into the increasing availability of audience and data insights for building a more personalized and  effective podcast ad strategy.

To learn more, visit Libsyn’s Advertisecast Marketplace and read Dave Hanley’s story “Don’t Bid Farewell to Podcast Promo Codes Quite Yet” here.   




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