The Feed 2021 Recap and Look Back

The Feed 2021 Recap

What a year. Whew. Not only did we hit our 200th episode but also celebrated our 8th year doing the show! Here are some quick fun lists of 2021 from the world of The Feed:

Random The Feed 2021 Stats!

  • Featured 71 podcast promos
  • Published 25 Episodes
  • Over 67k AIB downloads for the year
  • Our show was listened to in the Arctic and we have receipts!

Here is my 2021 summary of podcasting news (and stuff) we covered.

  • Holy acquisitions, Batman!
  • iOS 14.5 is out.
  • Spotify is not bigger than Apple, still and all the headlines “OMG SPOTIFY IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD!!!”
  • Samsung Podcasts, totally a thing.
  • Apple Podcasts and Spotify subscriptions are born.
  • Canva integration is everywhere.
  • The podcast world shifts to follow from subscribe.
  • Facebook Podcasts, eek!
  • The Latino Podcast Listener Report – and yes, this was huge news (to me and this is my blog post.)
  • Clubhouse, and Twitter Spaces and Fireside, oh my! (there are so. many. of. these. #socialaudioisthecoolthing)
  • IRL podcasting conferences are back-ish.
  • New Libsyn CEO (and board members.) ⭐️

A bit of introspection: podcasting in 2021

Not gonna lie, because of the amount of time I had to spend on Zoom meetings, presenting at online events, live streaming, and webinars, it made podcasting a bigger lift.

I used to feel recording my shows was a special time to connect, and record, and use my fancy microphones and now it feels less so because I’M ALWAYS ON MIC 😅

Did you feel this way?

I’m looking forward to rediscovering production and output in a new way 2022.

More delight!

More joy!

More fun!

Who’s with me!

In so many ways podcasting is no longer one thing. And the landscape has propagated exponentially. Propagated exponentially sounds like podcasting is some kind of alien creature, but I’ll go with that.

As I look back, 2021 feels like the industry of podcasting doubled or even tripled in size. In my 15 years in the space, it has never felt this vast.

I’m not sure how I feel about it.

The thing that has stayed the same is how much I adore podcasts and podcasters. I continue to be as much of an avid listeners as ever. And yet again, this year, there were certain podcasts that fundamentally changed my life.

Big love to all of you amazing folks that choose to spend time consuming our show or any other podcast for that matter. We appreciate you so very much. Y’all are amazing! Truth be told, without you enjoying our work, the “industry” of podcasting would not exist.

Here’s to many more celebrations and joy in 2022 and not as many soapboxes – even though they are quite fun.

The Feed Episodes 2021 

Starting off the year with more conversations about privacy, acquisitions of Wondery and Breaker, Clubhouse, lots of feedback from YOU, mean and median download stats and so much more, including a bonus discussion with Rob Greenlee about the Podcast Academy and the Podcast Index!

Podcast etiquette, the power of clean HTML, Hopin acquisition of Streamyard, podcasters with COVID, Apple Spotlight and subscription speculation, clarifications, updated ad insertion tools, the power of Destinations, square vs wide format podcast art, geographic and user agent stats and oh, so much more.

Covering iOS beta 14.5 and big changes to Apple Podcasts, a new strategy for promoting our podcast via blog, Stitcher search results, a changing podcast artwork, getting the video of your transcoded audio podcast, data privacy discussion inspired by Tim Cook and stats, this time, mean and median download numbers!

So many acquisitions! And this time we get in the game with acquiring Auxbus, chatting about Quilt, Spotify takedowns and patents, Vurbl, podcaster in the news, updates on the Google block tag, and Apple Podcasts podcasting strategy plus download stats, this time geographic and user agent!

188 Per The Word Subscribe

Updates! Apple Podcasts 14.5 and what you should expect, The most important information for podcasters from the Spotify event, Podcast Movement submissions are open, CDPA is signed into law and what that means for podcasting, no, Spotify is not bigger than Apple Podcasts, mean and median download numbers + bonus data on the appropriate length for podcast episodes.

More acquisitions, breaking down iOS 14.5 updates, plus a bit of a clarification from Rob, the privacy conversation and when the pendulum swings back, The Feed was listened to in the Arctic! Podcasters on the cover of a magazine, the worth of festivals and awards, stats geographic and user agent plus a bonus recap of The Infinite Dial data!

Announcing our new Samsung destination! We are once again a launch partner, this time with Samsung as they bring podcasts under the “Listen” tab in the Samsung Free application! Listen to get the scoop 🎧

All the Libsyn news! Libsyn 5 beta is released, Libsyn acquires Advertisecast, Samsung Podcasts are in the house 🔥

Plus Apple teams up with Common Sense Media, Audacy, email worst practices, breaking down the steps to DMCA takedown notices, Podstatus, and of course Mean and Median numbers!

Another BONUS episode and another acquisition! Libsyn has acquired Glow.FM and we have Founder Amira Valliani with inside scoop on what it is, who it’s for and why Libsyn!

Recap on acquisitions and of course Glow, iOS 14.5 (again,) listener privacy, Feedburner coming back from the dead? Amazon Music in more countries Shout-outs from Elsie, the RIAA busy with takedown notices and podcasters needing to get DMCA takedown lessons, plus of course stats, geographic and user agent!

Starting off right off the bat with a ton of information and the mind-blowing amount of podcasting news: The Apple Event, subscriptions, Spotify, Facebook, Libsyn 5 & feedback, clarification about tags, keywords, and categories on Apple Podcasts, using the Zoom H2N as an external microphone, and of course mean and median numbers.

OMG Audacity was acquired, clarifying more about the Apple Podcasts summary tag, how to get promoted on Amazon Music, podcasting music history, testing a new voice feedback service, stats, geographic and user agent and folks listening to this, we have a segment where we speak to your Amazon smart speaker — over and over and over — so please make sure you’re wearing headphones!

Canva integration, MGM studios, Netflix, images not showing up while searching on Google for podcasts, Artwork specs (yep, again,) all kinds of Apple Podcasts stuff including a very interesting word being censored that starts with m, and this time the stats convo is all about Call Her Daddy!

On this episode we fill you in on the closing of Advertisecast, warning you about a serious scam from folks sending out DMCA takedowns for images and in the email they send there is a link that uses java script to infect your computer, keeping you posted on the latest Apple Podcasts emails plus subscriptions and channels are live today! Changing ownership in Apple Podcasts plus of course mean and median stats!

Talking about Spotify! Their latest 60 million dollar deal with Alex Cooper from Call Her Daddy and its new Greenroom, then all that we know about Facebook Podcasts aka all that we don’t, the Kindle Vella and what it can mean for podcasters, an antitrust bill that could impact podcasting and of course our stats, geographic and user agent! Plus a bunch bunch more.

Our new JioSaavn destination, breaking down the Libsyn 5 Beta 1.1 release, Apple released an update as to why your downloads might be down, LibsynPro stats API, Audacity privacy troubles and a response from Muse, and of course mean and median stats. + Spotify Open Access! Then on the episode, really awesome brand new podcasting gear, transformative data from the Latino Podcast Listener report, Canva + Libsyn, Pocketcasts & Automattic, Goodpods update Libsyn 5 social sharing? And geographic plus user agent stats.

A round-up of soooo many things! Podcast Movement recap, including the Fireside Chat partnership, all kinds up updates from Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Audacity, Glow.FM part of Spotify Open Access partnership program and Facebook starts emailing podcasters to add their shows, and of course stats! Mean and median numbers!

Celebrating our 200th with some of your voices! Plus, Skype recording follow-up, getting recommended by Google Podcast, what’s required for real life conferences, more on the Facebook Podcasts experience, what to do when your podcast is pirated and Stats! User agents and geographic.

On this episode you’ll get the scoop on exactly where GGTOTDTY came from, how to get a network on Apple Podcasts, changes coming to YouTube, the Google Podcasts update, how to make your influence go down, the upcoming Latino Podcasts Non-Listener report, what kind of stats should you expect to get from your show and of course that takes us into the mean and median download stats!

Get the scoop on data on CPMs from Advertisecast, workflows for publishing back catalogue to YouTube, what stats you can expect from Facebook Podcasts, tool talk on good quality XLR cables and monitoring headphones and of course we have stats, geographic and user agent!

The Shure MV7x, new Apple hardware, when feed tags and categories are useful, YouTube benefits for podcasters, troubleshooting RSS feeds on Google Podcasts, linking to an MP3 vs not, and mean and median download stats! Of course much, much more!!!

Covering all the new Spotify Exclusives, Libsyn 4 vs Libsyn 5, Squid Games and what it has to do with podcasting, advice on changing your show name and coming back from a long hiatus, the X-fronts are almost here! And of course stats, this time covering geographic and user agents.

A summary of the latest Apple event and theMacBook Pro M1 Pro and M1 Max, recap of She Podcasts Live, Instagram updates for podcasters, video podcasting facts, searching in Apple Podcasts – again, bonus stats, focusing on your questions! Of course much, much more!

Libsyn has a new CEO! Are Google Podcasts moving to YouTube Podcasts? What’s changed regarding automatic downloads with iOS 14.5 or later, video podcast insights! Tips for remaining anonymous doing your podcast and some super surprising numbers for our mean and median download stat numbers!

Libsyn Board of Directors updates, Apple Podcasts feed refresh and new marketing tools, it’s awards season for podcasting, more on the chapter mark discussion, the latest on Clubhouse, geographic and user agent stats and so many other bits of podcasting knowledge!

Testing Audio Hijack to record everything, streamlining creating chapter marks for your MP3 easily, discussion of our “way back” podcasting gear, dealing with a massive tech fail, all time download stats vs episode stats, browser stats vs podcast app stats and which ones are the most important, and MORE stats!

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