Libsyn’s 2021 Year in Review

What a year - Libsyn 2021

Libsyn 2021—What a Year It’s Been!

We at Libsyn are so excited to share with you the many initiatives, partnerships, engagements, developments, acquisitions and more that mark our 17th year serving this dynamic podcasting community. 

True to our mission, everything we do is in an effort to better support independent podcasters everywhere, bringing their voices to life and growing their audiences. In looking back at 2021, we were blown away by everything we accomplished. We are so proud of our world-class podcasting team and most of all of you—podcasters—who continue to keep us inspired and passionate about serving you in all parts of your journey.

Supporting Podcasters Everywhere—Virtual & In-Person

Libsyn’s top priority is educating and encouraging podcasters across cultures at all levels of their craft to both start and keep podcasting. A big part of this is sponsoring and participating in a diverse lineup of conferences and events.

In 2021, our Podcast Hall of Famers, Elsie Escobar, Rob Walch, Rob Greenlee and Dave Jackson shared their knowledge freely and with great passion at 20+ events, assisting thousands of podcasters in their efforts to not just have their individual voices heard, but to grow. For example:


She Podcasts Live! 2021

(co-founded by our own Elsie Escobar!)

Bigger & Better Just For You!

This year alone, Libsyn has acquired four new companies to help widen our breadth of offerings to podcasters everywhere. Our goal is to provide you with access to absolutely everything you need in the podcasting ecosystem. 

Now we can help you start your podcast at a variety of levels, promote it, grow your listener base, establish subscribers, generate income and so much more. Help us welcome these companies to the Libsyn fold and do give them a try!

Our new free platform for novice podcasters

Our platform to build subscribers and generate podcasting income

Our platform to match podcasters with advertisers, successfully monetizing your podcast

Providing smaller podcasters access to some of the largest brand advertisers—an addition to Advertisecast!

Spanish Speaking Podcasting Initiatives

As you probably know, Libsyn has always been passionate about serving the Hispanic/Latino podcasting movement with our own Elsie Escobar at the helm. To this end, in 2021 we participated in a number of ventures designed to give Hispanic/Latino podcasters a platform and a push.

Libsyn Getting Started Blog Translated to Spanish 

Hispanic Heritage Month 

Multilingual Community Discussion

Sponsorship of Latino Podcast Listeners Report and Latino Podcast Non-Listeners Report 

Continuation of Hispanic and Latinx Rockin Libsyn Podcasts

This year we celebrated the 200th episode of The Feed!

Way to go, Elsie & Rob! You can see all of the 2021 Episodes on our Recap and Look Back and also on The Feed website. 

At the end of 2021, we officially released Libsyn 5, the 5th version of our super user-friendly interface with tons of new, exciting upgrades, like: 

  • Episode PublishingNew episode creation and publishing can be initiated anywhere and scheduled out to your audience within a simplified one-page workflow.
  • Stats UpgradesGet instant stats satisfaction with our new Stats Snapshot plus new seven, thirty, and ninety day breakdowns.
  • NEW Episode Audio PlayerMix and match settings, colors, and features to customize your player.
  • NEW Podcast Page Design—Easy and complete with custom colors and fonts.
  • Canva—A super easy way to create visuals for your podcast without worrying about dimensions and resolution—so many templates!
  • NEW Show Branding Settings 
  • Settings for Destinations 
  • Episode Snippets 
  • Episode Defaults 
  • ID3 Tags

We are so excited for everyone to be on Libsyn 5 and begin enjoying all of its upgrades designed with your input—shout-out to our beta community. We would not have been able to do it without you!

Industry Collaboration—Growing Audiences

Part of our job is to collaborate with others who share our mission to bring podcasting everywhere. Our affiliations bring independent podcasters even more platforms, distribution and reach across systems to help them find audiences around the world. Our goal is always to help the podcasting industry grow—and we make it so easy!




Amazon Music / Podcasts 


Podchaser Reviews for Good 

Joe Pulizzi Content Entrepreneur Survey 

The Ambie Awards

Woo-Hooo Webinars!

Over the years, webinars have become a great resource for our podcasting community, and we are always happy to facilitate the sharing of information to enrich and advise. This year, we hosted more than a dozen FREE webinars for 4,500+ podcasters discussing a variety of hardware and software options, platforms, tools and more!

Our webinars are designed to amplify podcasting companies, consultants and experts that can help you not only grow your show but also *keep* podcasting. We aim to partner with folks that can empower you to continue doing things your way and further developing more and more skills to help you succeed in this fast-growing industry.

You can also watch the replays on Crowdcast and our YouTube channel. 

Follow us on Crowdcast to be informed about our up and coming webinars! We are so excited by what we have coming for next year! 

Hosted Meet-Ups—Virtual & In-Person

One of the best things about the podcasting community is its social energy. We love hosting meet-ups for podcasters to come together, share and build community. It’s one of our specialties! 

  • Show Your Podcast Some Love: All About Upgrades For 2021 
  • Podcast Episode Notes Deep Dive 
  • Podcast Planning: Reach Your 2021 Year-End Goals 
  • Podcast Planning Part Two
  • Podfest Global Summit—Libsyn Whova App Meetup 
  • Podcast Movement—Libsyn Meetup 
  • She Podcasts Live!—My Voice is Powerful Meetup with Elsie and Cori

What’s New in 22?

With the New Year comes fresh opportunities to serve our podcasting community in more innovative and resourceful ways. The launch of Libsyn 5 will be our primary focus in the first quarter, making your transition to the new platform not just seamless, but satisfying and exciting on many levels. 

Thank you for being a Libsyn podcaster and sharing your dream with us. 

Wishing you happy holidays and happy podcasting!




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