Welcome to The New Libsyn

The New Libsyn

You helped us build a better podcasting experience. Thank you for your feedback and for inspiring these features and updates!

Access to The New Libsyn

The login button now takes you directly to the new Libsyn publishing experience, so give yourself some time to explore.

Important details about this update:

  • You don’t need a new username or password.
  • There are no additional fees.
  • The interface version you may be using currently is not gone.
  • Switching between interfaces is available.

The new Libsyn (Libsyn 5) is the latest iteration of the Libsyn publishing interface. When you log in next, things will look different. If you need help, there are guides available within the interface and we have this entire library of support resources.

In addition, you can submit a ticket using the little green question mark in the lower right-hand corner to reach our support team directly. Got questions now? Bring your questions to our free webinar January 27th, at 3:30 EST/12:30 PST.


Podcasting Features Available to All Creators Available only on the New Libsyn

Click each link below to be taken to a help article.


Additional Exciting Features and Updates

At Libsyn, our goal is to serve podcasters at all levels, so don’t be intimidated by updates that don’t impact your workflow. Just know they are there when you are ready and that we will continue providing everything you need no matter where you are on your podcasting journey.

Expanded Podcast Marketing Opportunities with Social Scheduling

The brand new podcast social promotional feature is a powerful upgrade for our $20 and up account holders. The workflow changes your current publishing workflow but provides an impressive new suite of features that will make you consider the need for third-party services.

If improved social promotion of your podcast is on your shortlist of 2022 goals, explore our help article and get to know the interface to supercharge your promotional strategy for the year! 

Podcast 2.0 Namespace Locked Tag Support

For those creators looking forward to Libsyn’s support of the Podcast 2.0 namespace tags, we are excited to share progress through support for the Locked Tag.

The Locked Tag can help reduce the possibility of your feed being imported or copied into another location without your knowledge. Libsyn’s support includes enabling a lock on your feed, and honors the lock when someone tries to import a feed into the Libsyn system. Read more about tags and episode publishing on Libsyn.

If you don’t know what the Podcast 2.0 Namespace is, here is an article that can help you out.

The Podcast 2.0 namespace is essentially a grouping of tags, and the Podcast Index is a new directory that uses them among other apps and directories.

Ensuring Valid Feeds with New Permalink Parameters

Every episode gets a permalink, you might not have noticed, and that is ok! For many accounts, Libsyn populates this link automatically to the preferred URL in order to generate a valid feed. The permalink will now default to your podcast page URL with new episode creation to align with RSS specifications.

Don’t worry; you can still use a custom URL if the podcast page isn’t for you!

Read more about publishing, permalinks, and episode details.

New URLs – No New Work

This update also includes an update to the RSS and Podcast Page URL that addresses the removal of the previously required show slug for account creation. 

 ‼️ You do not need to update anything.

You can share the new URLs from now on, and anywhere the previous ones were available, they will continue to work automatically. If you set up a custom domain for your Libsyn show, that URL will remain. If you didn’t notice this change, don’t stress, your media continues to deliver to audiences everywhere via a shiny new URL.

Thank YOU for Helping Make Libsyn

Our product and development teams have taken your feedback to heart and created a publishing experience that offers time-saving features and simpler workflows. YOU have been instrumental in these improvements.

Thank you for your feedback; your input means the world to us. So keep sending your bright ideas to [email protected] and look for more podcasting greatness in 2022!




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