Podfest 2022 — Libsyn Team Take-Aways!

Disclaimer! Dear podcasters, these observations are from the biased perspective of being an exhibitor and long-time attendee of podcasting conferences like Podfest 2022. My experiences are centered around being on the show floor as part of the Libsyn Team.

Recording Your Voice Is Still Magic

I’m not saying this because it’s a Libsyn thing, I promise! It’s necessary to give context.

Libsyn has opened up Libsyn Studio as a beta. Libsyn Studio is a free podcast hosting platform that includes the ability to record directly into it.

You can create an intro, outro, main content and even layer in built-in music! It is the easiest way to create a podcast from start to finish — hence, the “studio” name.

We had a couple of tables set up at Podfest 2022 so that people could have hands-on experience with the platform. We plugged in Shure MV7 microphones directly to computers so folks could record themselves right there.

That might not seem like a big deal, but what happened when they recorded their own voices was magic.

For many it was the first time that they saw podcasting as simple; it took away all the complexity.

For others, it was the first time that they got a chance to use a microphone like the MV7 to record themselves. Simply putting on headphones and being behind a fancy mic immediately changed their demeanor and helped them get more confident.

Lastly, for some it was the first time that they were able to listen to themselves, to listen to their own voices doing it, creating a podcast. The sheer delight and joy they got from listening back to themselves was astounding.

It reminded me of how I felt when I started. “I did that!,” “I have something to say,” “I can do this!” all in a few minutes of interacting with Libsyn Studio.

The same is hard to replicate alone in your home recording by yourself. Yes, it can happen, but there was something about the hands-on/right now podcasting environment at Podfest 2022 that was more conducive to a transformative experience that will stay with the participants for a long time, and keep them podcasting.

Plus, really great job from the Podfest 2022 Libsyn Studio Team walking everyone through the process!

We Need More She Podcasts IRL Meet-Ups!

The Podfest 2022 She Podcasts Happy Hour was delightful. I was blown away by the turn-out and how many folks wanted to hang out together!

  • Great food
  • Funky She Podcasts tumblers to take with you
  • Incredible conversation

I just wish I could have been able to talk to everyone who attended and thanked them properly. I also wish I would have been able to introduce myself to more people who I didn’t know.

I did get a chance to have an amazing heart-to-heart with rising star Brenda Hernández-Jaimes, someone that I’ve been honored to mentor. She was there with her Mom and had a very successful experience presenting a session called “3 Major Interview Mistakes to Avoid (and What To Do Instead.)” Go, upcoming leaders!

Staying Connected To the Latest Podcast Trends

Full disclosure, I didn’t get a chance to watch too many Podfest 2022 sessions. In fact, I was only able to catch this one I’m going to talk about!

The insights still stand.

The New Media Show‘s live recording featuring guests Katie Krimitsos from The Women’s Meditation Network and Marla Isaacson from Ossa Collective was jam-packed with real life, of-the-moment insights from women in podcasting on women in podcasting.

Katie and Marla walked us through how they created their businesses, how they are making money and how they are testing what works for them.

They’ve built completely different businesses using podcasting. One has a podcast network, the other one has a podcast collective. Both have well-thought goals and expansion plans based on what and who they are serving.

Also part of staying connected to podcasting trends is hearing real-time stats, data and information IRL. Rob Greenlee had just attended The Podcast Show in London and he was able to share his first-hand experience of being at what looks to be, the largest podcasting event in Europe.

If any of this interests you, you can check out their conversation by subscribing to the New Media Show!

It’s the Same and It’s Not

Being at Podfest 2022 was the same down to earth, unassuming, approachable experience it’s always been. People feel comfortable and everyone is very welcoming.

And at the same time, so much has changed for so many people. As much as it feels like everything is back to normal, it’s not, and the feeling of letting it all go (as in mask wearing is over, no need for all the protocols!) can be a bit shocking to people who aren’t used to being around so many other humans.

I was one of the few people that wore a mask the majority of the time. I also found that talking for so many hours a day was exhausting for my voice!

Coming to a conference pushes you to have to project your voice in ways that a Zoom call or recording a podcast does not. My vocal cords were very out of shape.

Tip for next time: start talking aloud sooner, for longer and louder 😅 Build up your vocal cord stamina! And keep drinking water the entire time.

One thing I can say is that IRL conferences are back. Things are moving forward. People are attending!

I would be remiss not to mention that although conferences do feel like they are back, when you attend a conference, including your trip there, during, and after, you are left open to the unexpected: plane cancellations, Uber price hikes and of course a positive COVID diagnosis.

One last thing …

The Libsyn Team has grown a lot. As a team, it’s a priceless experience to touch base with old friends, new faces and finally be able to physically see those that we often only get a chance to communicate with via Slack or Zoom. Being together matters and it feels great.

We can’t wait to do it again!




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