39 Totally Creative Ideas To Add Instant Value To Your Podcast- Add iPhone App Bonus Content

Looking for some ideas to offer some freakin’ awesome bonus content to your audience through your new iPhone App? We decided to compile a list to help inspire you. A lot of the following list is absolutely inspired by your fellow podcast app producers.

We’ve grouped them to help you locate ideas for your particular show! Check it out 🙂


1. Downloadable Wallpaper

2. PDF of your show notes or transcripts of episodes.

3. Coupon codes for products/services/software.

4. Contests/giveaways for app owners.

5. Audio extras (extended episodes/classes/messages)

  •  Extended uncut episodes

6. Listener submitted extra content

  •  A review of a product for your show
  •  Artwork created specifically for your show.
  • Voice feedback from your listeners.
    •  Filmspotting plays some of their listeners feedback, plus an array of other bonus content ranging from five to ten minutes.
  •  Pictures that listeners have taken promoting your podcast, wearing your swag, or listening to your content.


7. Supplementary mini tutorials

  •  The uLearn Chinese Podcast offers up mini supporting videos or key element documentation for some of their classes.

8. Extra Classes

9. Essential Reading lists

10. Short Quizzes

11. Answers to Quizzes


12. Bloopers/outtakes/extra stuff

13. Extra movie/tv/book reviews (video, audio or PDF)


14. In depth reviews or additional footage.

15. Game specific tips and hints.

16. Game or consul unboxing (video or pictures)


17. App Specific On the Go Classes/Workouts

18. Mini Video Fitness Tips

19. Healthful Recipe Card

20. List of Healthiest choices for eating out

21. 5 Minute audio stress relief

22. Inspirational quote(s)

23. Mini guided audio or PDF meditation


24. App specific eBooks

25. App specific coupons for your products

26. Extended interviews

27. Productivity tools reviews


28. Scripture readings

29. Prayers

30. Inspirational wallpaper

31. Spiritual images (there are so many public domain images, a simple google search will give you a handful)


32. In depth product reviews or magazines (PDF)

33. Mini video software/hardware reviews

34. Sponsor coupon codes

35. Your Analysis


You can develop a wealth of bonus content simply by focusing on upcoming holidays or seasons. Obviously with the end of the year coming up you can offer so much to entertain, inspire, and inform your audience depending on the type of podcast that you have. You can create content aimed solely to entertain such as creating funny holiday videos or silly top ten lists, or you can prepare your audience for upcoming seasonal transitions, such as a checklist for preparing your 2011 tax appointment.


37. Say you have a guest on your show, why not publish their bio? Or even ask them one or two extra questions after you’re done with the interview and publish that as your bonus MP3 content.


38. Develop relationships with other content producers in your field and ask them to donate a little something as your app bonus content. It could be as easy as publishing one of their blog posts or videos on the app. It’s a win/win for everybody.


39. Share with your audience the things you have spent time learning in lists that are quick and easy to reference.

  •  Top ten yoga must haves for the stay at home Mom.
  •  Top ten best movies for the family this holiday season.
  •  Top ten ways to educate yourself for the upcoming elections.
  •  Top ten iphone app for the iphone newbie.
  •  Top ten must have gadgets from CES 2011.
  •  Top ten religious books to help connect you back to God.
  •  Top ten albums to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day.
  •  Top ten must listen episodes of the (insertyourshownamehere) podcast.

Don’t Forget! Let your audience know about your bonus content

Don’t let your audience miss out on the great work that you do! Make sure that you tell your audience about it in your podcast, show notes or blog posts. A simple “App users check out the coupon in the extras for this week’s episode,” will do the trick. If you don’t there’s a chance your work will go unnoticed. That would not be cool.

We hope this was helpful to you! If you are struggling with the time involved in creating this extra content read our case study by a fellow producer who not only found the time but also value in producing some extra content.

For more information on how to add any of the extras above read this blog post that goes through it in more detail.

If you have any totally creative ideas, send leave them in the comments! We’d love to hear what you come up with to enhance the value of your app   – Elsie

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