9 Health and Fitness Podcasts and Apps For Sustaining Healthy Living in 2011

This time of year is when the majority of us decide it’s time to get healthy, or at minimum start to make better choices about our health. I’ve already seen a ton of posts out there guiding folks towards the best health and fitness apps and there will be a lot more how-to guidance from the health and fitness community.

The hardest aspect about living a healthier life beyond the first step is sustainability.

Without a doubt at the beginning of the year, there is a vast amount of support from many different places: local news, newspaper articles, special reports, magazine features, digital products, blog posts…I could go on and on. This helps whatever choice you have made stay front of mind, but as the year goes along, holding steady to your resolutions will become pretty darn hard.

Since diet and fitness is not our expertise 😉 we offer you a few podcasts that will help you maintain your commitment toward living a healthier lifestyle.

Why podcasts? Because they are intimate, personal, community oriented, accessible and generally produced by folks that are absolutely passionate about what they do. Who wouldn’t want that person in their corner while attempting to take control of their health?

Podcasts offer you an array of points of view that are not only about your own individual fitness and diet choices but show you a well rounded approach toward living a whole healthy life.

  1. Sustainable World Radio– As you get healthier you’ll want the world around you to be just as healthy. This podcast offers you ways to take your health beyond your own body to the next level.
  2. The Living Barefoot Show– Hadn’t heard about running barefoot and it’s plethora of health benefits? This podcast will get you up to speed with insight, philosophy, gear and news regarding the newest fitness/health craze of running and living barefoot!
  3. Phedippidations– Running is a passion for so many people. If you are remotely thinking of starting to run in your fitness routine, this show is a must! If you listen consistently and you are not running or have never run, you will. Guaranteed. Bonus: this is one of the longest running and most consistent podcasts ever!
  4. Yogamazing– So running is not your thing, how about some yoga. Chaz offers you some easy to digest short video classes to get you started. He has tons of videos with different themes and focuses.
  5. Meditation Oasis and Meditation Station– Optimal fitness isn’t just about your physical body, our minds and the key towards true transformation. These podcast offers an array of short meditations and visualizations for different kinds of emotional and physical situations: anger, stress, creativity, rest, etc.
  6. Vegetarian Food for Thought Podcast– Obviously food plays a huge part in health and wellness. Even if your choice in diet is not a vegan lifestyle, this podcast gives you ways for to make more informed food choices.
  7. Build A Sexy Body– Love the description of this podcast “Honest and powerful information so you can get into the best shape ever.” The information ranges from specific information regarding building a specific body part, tips for gym workouts, cooking and tons fitness related information.
  8. The Reasonable Diet’s 6 Minute of Sanity– Information, motivation, tips and more toward firmly embarking and sticking with a more directed weight loss plan. Sandra gives great every day advice and is an awesome diet coach to have in your corner.
  9. Elsie’s Yoga Class– Full Disclosure, this is my podcast 🙂 Taking yoga classes in yoga studios is expensive and perhaps for newbies, a bit intimidating. This audio podcast is designed to bring the class experience to you. Classes range from absolute beginners to more advance practitioners with occasional mini video tutorials.

These podcasts are awesome ways to keep you motivated throughout the year! Just download of few episodes of each and when you are feeling less than motivated tap that play button and listen!

BONUS: All the podcasts above have corresponding mobile apps that offer really helpful and in depth extra content for their show as well as greater accessibility!

We hope you have a sustainable healthy and happy entire new year 🙂

If you have a favorite health, fitness or cooking podcast that is your favorite, why not share it in the comments?

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