A Closer Look at Dynamic Ad Insertion 

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“Dynamic” means pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action. So, when we talk about dynamic ad insertion, we are talking about ads that can quickly and effectively change to suit current audience relevance. They are easily removed and added at will. 


Think about it. It used to be when you listened to an archived podcast, you would hear host-read ads for the products of that time. Take, for instance, a 2015 episode of WTF with Marc Maron. You listen today and he offers a SquareSpace deal in a “baked-in” host-read ad that is clearly no longer valid. Neither Marc as the host or SquareSpace as the advertiser are getting any real benefit from that. 

But, SquareSpace is still around, so maybe yesterday they decided to have a summer 2022 weekend deal. They buy ad slots on Marc’s show. Now when you listen to that 2015 podcast on a lark, thanks to dynamic ad insertion, you can sign up for 20% off SquareSpace today!


More important than the occasional archive listeners are many who take podcasts at their own pace and jump around based on topic or time. Now when they listen to any podcast with dynamic advertising, they are getting a real-time ad that not only fits their lifestyle/interests but that they can benefit from or act on no matter when they listen.

And, it’s easy. You can essentially switch out a time-sensitive event/message for a more evergreen message in seconds. 

Inserting dynamic ads in past podcasts provides yet another opportunity for revenue AND ensures that ad space is spent on current, germane messaging. Plus, it is a much better advertising experience for the listener.


Dynamic ad insertion can also distinctly target audiences. If you are a podcast with listenership in the US and internationally, but your sponsor’s ad is only available to the US market, why would you run it in India? Well, now you don’t have to. Simply record one ad for the US and another for your international audience and boom, they BOTH get appropriate messaging. 

Revenue & Creative Control

How frustrating is it to have an ad running from an advertiser who failed to pay, no longer exists, or had rebranded in a way not to your liking? With dynamic ads, you can simply replace that sponsor’s ad with another and go on your merry way. You also have the ability to remove host-read ads after 90 days, repositioning that space for new revenue access via dynamic ad insertion. 

Simply put, YOU have control of what your audience hears, and at Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace, can easily opt out of categories you would rather not have affiliated with your show like alcohol, religion, politics, etc. 

Dynamic Ad Insertion with Libsyn 

At Libsyn, we are still fans of host-read ads because every listener loves to hear what their host is recommending, who they are vouching for, and what they love. 

This is why we use dynamic ad insertion tools for both host-read AND automatic or pre-recorded ads. It allows us not only to target by demographics, genre, and behavior, but to do geotargeting by Direct Access Memory for state, zip, longitude/latitude, etc. Both Advertisers and podcasters find it beautifully pinpointed and effective.

If you’d like to learn more about dynamic ad insertion or want to see the kinds of advertisers we bring to the podcasting table, please feel free to visit us and simply click on “Advertisers” or “Podcasters” depending on your position. We are thrilled to give you absolutely all the information you need and to answer all of your questions.

If you’re looking for more data on why audio advertising is a necessary element to add to your marketing plan, read The Long-Term Audio Strategy — Trending.

It’s so exciting to watch podcasting evolve, don’t you think?


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