A Father’s Day Wish List – For Podcasters


We begin this celebratory Father’s Day post focusing on the responses that we got from our podcasting community and wouldn’t you know it? It absolutely will benefit all podcasters. It’s not quite a wish list but it will inspire you to see that you are not alone and possibly get some ideas to support podcasters.

And Happy Father’s Day!

1. A Podcasting Business!

In the past, the ‘making money from podcasting’ narrative has led the way, but in looking at the responses we got this time around, it’s no longer about just making money but more about building a business either from the podcast itself or with the podcast.

Doing a show full time.

Ah yes, this is a biggie. It’s the pie in the sky that almost every podcaster is looking to get a bit of. The possibility of doing a show full time, and making a living is becoming a tiny bit of a thing. There are podcasters that have invested time and resources to make this happen and it’s actually happening.

Fathers…keep at it.

  • Observe what’s going on in the podcasting space.
  • Subscribe to shows that are outside of your genre and topic.
  • Be a detective: head to podcaster’s website, Patreon, and subscribe to their newsletters.

You can learn so much from observing how podcasters are doing what they are doing by looking where you don’t usually look, especially when you look outside your genre. The community that is built within specific podcasting topics is amazing, but at times it can also be limiting. Within the industry there are all kinds of creative solutions and strategies being employed by those that podcast about something completely different than you.

Evan Tess, creator of This Planet Needs a Name

We also noticed that it’s not just about you anymore. The gift of podcasting is now carrying on to building a team with…

  • Salary for the cast
  • Hiring people

And we did see that most folks are still really focusing on 2 main ways to make some cash podcasting…

  • Money
    • Patreon supporters
    • Sponsors

Those of you that are looking to help out fathers in podcasting, consider donating via Patreon directly or if you happen to have a business that could benefit from some exposure – why not sponsor your favorite show?

2. Podcast Marketing

Fathers get it! Marketing is the number one problem to be solved whenever we ask what you would like more help with.

Long time podcaster Greg Willits from Adventures in Imperfect Living

And speaking of help…


Podcasters want help! Any kind would suffice: shownotes, editing, scheduling, or any of the minute tasks that take-up putting on a show and getting more ears to your work.


The help cannot come without a budget. One thing that has come about in the past few years for those podcasts that have been able to make some money podcasting, has been the ability to invest in the growth of their show.

In order for them to invest strategically, they must have a budget.

  • How much money for basics: podcast hosting, DAW, hardware, etc?
  • How much money for someone that can help with marketing and/or social media promotion?
  • How much money for strategic paid advertising if appropriate?
  • How much money for promotional swag and other promotional materials?

Gift givers – this is where your gift is going! 👆🏽

Gift receivers – once you get the gift you’ll know where the money needs to go and you can get to growing your show.

3. Audience Growth

It’s the Holy Grail.

There is no magical pill or extra special tactic to grow audience. It comes from commitment and consistency plus top notch content.

Given that there is no magic spell that can instantly create a bigger audience size, there are some tried and true ways that can get you a little closer to your goal.

Gift givers: share your favorite show on your own social media channels, tell your best friend or simply tell ANYONE else about the podcast. Also, have you reviewed your favorite show lately? Go ahead and do it now.

4. Podcasting Gear

Now we’re getting to it! The most favorite topic of almost all podcasters! Talking tech 👊🏽

This little section is for those of you looking for presents to give to your significant others. Refer back often 😬

If you want to read what was shared, or you want to share your thoughts, head over to our Facebook Page to do so!

Thank you to all the Fathers and father figures that podcast

There is nothing more powerful than your voice. And having you podcast is such a gift for so many people out there, especially to those that look up to you as their father. Thank you for podcasting!

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