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“Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations happened because I am a podcast junkie and am always looking for conversations that appeal to many parts of me. When I couldn’t find it, I created it.”

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Q & A with Adrian from Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations

When did you start podcasting? 

My podcast, Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations, started conceptually a little over 10 years ago. 

It was an idea that I had cooking in my mind for so long. I was trying to decide how best to communicate with society and really be in conversation. 

When the podcast debuted on May 4, 2022, it was such a surreal moment, to see the start of this idea.

Why did you start podcasting?

Mostly, I have been working out how to best tell my story and communicate with society through song, written word, spoken poetry, photography, etc. Ultimately, I landed on podcasting because merging different mediums and approaches is fun. 

I also find myself to be better at conversations than being a disciplined writer. 

In addition, I am a podcast junkie and am always looking for something that appeals to many parts of me. When I couldn’t find it, I created it.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations is a unique project. I blend personal journaling and conversations with friends and family on a wide variety of topics. 

As I  approach 40, I  am doing what a lot of us have done and do when a milestone approaches. 

I am asking myself questions pertaining to happiness, accomplishments, purpose, and legacy. The wrestle is with reconciling the good, the bad, the funny, and the sad. 

My hope is to bring a vulnerability, not only from within, but from my conversationalists. My goal is to spark interaction and thought for every listener and their tribe. 

What makes Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations unique?

I play with weaving music and its connection to time and memory into conversations as a way to lay down life soundtracks. 

So each Wednesday conversation episode has a corresponding Friday music episode. The conversationalists and I discuss the songs that connect us to that week’s topic. 

I also release public playlists on Spotify and Tidal containing the songs provided by the conversationalists. 

On the hotline I created,  listeners (18 and older) can leave messages of encouragement or provide songs that connect them to a prompt on social media. 

What’s your podcast set up? 

I  use my MacBook Pro to record and the Scarlett Solo Third-Generation 2-In, 2-Out USB Audio Interface.

My other equipment includes the Dynamite inline Microphone Pre-amp, along with Zoom ZDM-1 Podcast Mic Pack.

How have you promoted Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations? 

This promotion has been grassroots. I have created an Instagram and Twitter account and post regularly about upcoming episodes.

In addition, I encourage people to meet the conversationalists. I ask them to provide songs that will be added to a public playlist corresponding with the week’s topic. 

Finally, I do word-of-mouth, finding opportunities that help get my voice and art out there. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started? 

I wish I had known the amount of time and dedication that is needed to see your vision through to its full potential.

My timeline was very ambitious and I had to learn patience, allowing my creativity to flow in its own time. 


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Adrian’s Playlist of Conversations is a unique blend of mediums — conversation, writing, music and more — that elicits vulnerability from conversationalists. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind connection with the world. Join in with each podcast/playlist. Listen today on Apple or Spotify today!



Adrian Austin was trying to decide how best to communicate with society and really be in conversation. He was looking for something that appealed to the many parts of him — conversation, music, journaling, etc. When he couldn’t find it, he created it. Do you have an idea you want to actualize? Now’s the time! Use our Start Your Podcast blog series to get you going. And, when you are ready, we have the best podcast hosting plans around!


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