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It has come to our attention that is closing down.

Although we at this time do not have the full details of what is going on, it seems that PremiumCast might be going away, due to Nanacast “pulling the plug” as the amazing Dan Klass puts it.

If you were using PremiumCast you wanted to generate income from your content.

If you were using PremiumCast you had an audience that had chosen to pay you for your podcast.

And now you might just be stuck.

Or not…

Please consider an alternative MyLibsyn.

Mylibsyn is the power to offer your audience access to your Premium Content across all platforms in a totally simple way.

We know that you’ve had ideas to monetize your podcast. We know that you’ve been wanting to offer more value, deepen the relationships with your audience as well as make some money while you are at it.

Mylibsyn makes it easy for you and totally convenient for your audience.

Here’s the deal,

You control the premium content offering

  • You create whatever premium audio or video content you desire (no pre-approval required.)
  • You set the content subscription pricing
  • You get a premium webpage created just for you.

Your premium content can be offered across all platforms

Think of it this way, your content will be available across platforms the way that Netflix is available in multiple platforms, anytime, anywhere.

  • Premium web page
  • iOS devices via your own branded app
  • Android devices via your own branded app

Who’s Using Mylibsyn?

Here are just a few producers that are using Mylibsyn:

If you want to more crazy cool details about Mylibsyn and how you can take your podcast into the Premium realm come on by HERE and start the conversation!

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Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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