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We Make It Easy to Create an Apple Podcasts Subscription with Libsyn 

Libsyn is among the first podcast platforms to integrate with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is designed for creators who want to offer their audiences monthly or annual subscription plans for access to exclusive content, early access, and ad-free listening. You set the price and plan that work for you and your audience. 

Libsyn’s integration streamlines this opportunity for all podcasters to sustain their craft through listener support in 2023.

Libsyn podcasters like Jim Harold are already offering Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Jim has created what is known as a Channel Subscription for his library of content. He is even able to offer a free trial for 3-day access. Check out his Spooky Studio Plus subscription. 

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Create a Subscription for One Show or a Group of Shows

You may be thinking, “Great, I would love to make a few extra bucks, but what can I offer?” Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is designed to be flexible and meet the unique needs of creators. 

Subscriptions for one show/podcast

It’s as simple as it sounds. Offer one show or the content from one show to paying subscribers. Examples of this would include an ad-free version of a current show or an early-release version of your current podcast. Read more about podcast subscriptions for singular shows.

Subscriptions for more than one show/podcast (channel)

This is the example above from Jim Harold. He is offering a grouping of shows and content available for one subscription price. A channel subscription is a good option for experienced podcasters. Read more about channel subscriptions.


Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Options

The subscription packages are easy to create and easy for your audience to purchase. Apple offers this great resource on how to find the right subscription strategy. 

Ad-free episodes

This, of course, only works if you are partnered with a company like Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace to insert ads into your free content. With Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, you can present listeners with an option to upgrade to an ad-free experience without creating a separate feed.

Paid shows & episodes

As mentioned above, you can make an entire podcast RSS feed available only to paying subscribers. Want to tease some of your subscription content? With Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, you can choose to make episodes free and encourage listeners to sample before they subscribe.

Early Access

If you don’t have the bandwidth for ongoing exclusive content, but do have a lot of eager listeners wanting more, early access to your episodes might be the perfect monetization opportunity for you.

Archive access

Are you on episode 200 of your show? Is your content fairly evergreen? Then, archive access could be for you. Those older episodes are still favorites and as relevant as the day you made them. Try putting all but the latest behind a subscription wall to efficiently monetize your hard work.

Check out Elsie’s video on Podcasting Ideas for Bonus Membership Audio Content for easy more subscriber content ideas! 


3 Steps for Apple Podcasts Subscription Set-up

1. Log into your Libsyn account

Make sure you log into your Libsyn account while reading the help articles referenced in step 3 so you can follow along. You’ll need the newest version of Libsyn in order to publish to Apple Podcasts Subscription. 

2. Create a subscription and get an API key

Ready to launch a subscription? Start here: How to Set Up Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Complete the account creation requirements to get all of the information that’s required to continue on Libsyn. 

3. Publishing your Apple Podcasts Subscriptions from Libsyn

Once you’ve set up your Apple Podcasts Subscription in Apple Podcasts Connect and connected it to Libsyn, publishing to your Apple Podcasts Subscribers from Libsyn is easy! 


Is Apple Podcasts Subscriptions free?

Publishing to Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is available to ALL Libsyn customers and no upgrade or add-on fees are charged. Libsyn also does not take a cut of the subscription revenue. That revenue share remains between you and Apple. To offer an Apple Podcasts Subscription, you’ll first have to join the Apple Podcasters Program for just $19.99 per year.

To start, you receive 70% of the subscription price at each billing cycle, minus applicable taxes, and Apple receives the rest. After a subscriber accumulates one year of paid service, your net revenue increases to 85% of the subscription price, minus applicable taxes. Your other podcast revenue — including any ads — stays 100% yours. 

Screen shot showing Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast on Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Make images just like these for your show here or learn how in the webinar below. 


Marketing and Tips For Launching a Podcast Subscription in 2023

Apple has a series of valuable webinars that will help you think through how to set up your subscriptions (step number 2 above), happening in January. 

Setting Up Your Subscription

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools and Resources

Friday, January 27, 2023

Also, take a look at Apple’s Insights to help launch a successful subscription on Apple Podcasts. It’s full of things to consider before launching, including insider tips. Did you know that early and exclusive access are the best-performing subscriber benefits? How about that in the six months following the launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, one in five subscriptions enjoys an adoption rate of more than 10%? This is an extraordinary and encouraging trend!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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