The Best Boom Arms for Your Home Podcasting Studio


Looking for ways to tidy up your studio, free up space on your desk, or you want minimum to no noise while you’re recording? A boom arm might be what you are looking for!

Boom arms can help save you from desk noise, give you more space to move around and offer more room on your desk for the rest of your things.

With just a pull toward you, your microphone will be at the perfect height and right placement for you to record. You won’t have to fiddle with your mic on your desk or move the desk stand to the side if you need the area to do other things.

A boom arm also helps minimize the impact of shock-related noise around you, such as setting your phone down, hitting your knee off your desk or chair, or typing on the keyboard while recording.

The question is what type of boom arm is best for you? Take time to think about: 

  • Weight and size of your microphone
  • Your surrounding area
  • Price

Here are some options to choose from with different price points suggested by Rob and Elsie, co-hosts of The Feed, as well as feedback they received from other podcasters on Episode 184! We gathered a few options best for each price point.

Low-Cost Budget — Samson MBA38 $50.39

If you are trying to keep the cost down but still want a boom arm that does the job right, the Samson MBA38 is a great option to go with. The Samson MBA38 comes with both a desk C-clamp and a flange mount to screw on and fix permanently to the desk. This boom arm is built to be silent and effortless while positioning when you record. Users have convenient flexibility with mic placement from having a horizontal/vertical arm reach of 38″. It supports microphones up to 5lb (2.3kg). The MBA38 also is foldable and easy to transport when needed. 

We’d like to thank Dustin, for giving us this great option on The Feed. Listen to Episode 184 at 34:11 for his recommendation.

Best Overall — Gator 3000 $94

The Gator 3000 is the perfect for those looking to level up, but not wanting to break the bank. Gator Frameworks has multiple series but the 3000 includes an internal cable and rotates 360 degrees with minimum noise. It has versatile mounting giving you the option of a mount or clamp for your desk and supports microphones up to 4lb. The 3000 has a durable finish that will resist wear and tear for years to come in podcasting. 

Oh, did I mention this is what Joe Rogen uses in his Austin, TX studio. 😉

Unlimited Budget — Yellowtec YT3201 Mic Arm $533

Now, if you want an elegant mic arm, and “you have an unlimited budget” the Yellowtec YT3201 is a mic arm you should look into for your home studio. Yellowtec’s YT3201 is a 31″ M!ka standard aluminum microphone arm. It is internally wired with open cable tails for user fitting of connectors and has adjustable friction joints. It also gives you the choice between the standard and On Air version with a dual color indicator when recording live. It holds microphones with a weight up to 4.5lb (2kg). The YT3201 has various mounting options but they are sold separately.

Rob Walch's Pick — Heil PL 2T $115

The Heil PL2T is highly suggested by Libsyn’s, VP of Podcaster Relations and Co-host of The Feed, Rob Walch. The Heil PL2T is what he uses in his own home studio! The PL2T is a unique and versatile boom arm. It provides perfect balance for silent position adjustments while recording. The Topless® design makes it easier to remove the cover plates and to thread the cables through, once you put the plates back on it gives you a cable-less look with no visible wiring. This boom arm comes with a C-clap mount and handles microphones weighing up to 2.5lb (1.13kg).

You can hear more about this recommendation from Rob on The Feed, Episode 183 at 23:35.

Elsie Escobar's Pick — Samson SB100 Studio Boom Stand $79.82

Elsie Escobar, Libsyn’s Community Manager and Producer, Co-host of The Feed, has her eyes on the Samson SB100 Studio Boom Stand. The Samson SB100 is a boom stand that positions itself on the ground (with wheels!!) rather than on your desk. A boom stand is ideal for people that like to stand while podcasting or switch locations for recording audio vs. recording a video (think webinar or live-steaming podcast). The stand has an adjustable height to 12′ and a counter-weighted telescopic boom that extends to over 6’. It’s easy to fold up and take with you to the location you need to go. 

PS the Obama’s have been seen using a standing boom arm! You can learn more about that and the standing boom arm on The Feed, Episode 183 at 26:47. 

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