Business and Film Podcasts Getting Some Well Deserved Publicity

Wanted to showcase some libsyn podcasts that have recently been featured in some high profile blogs! Congratulations!

Mashable’s article 3 Success Stories From Creative Small Businesses highlighted two awesome libsyn podcasts:

More Hip Than Hippie

Ready, Set, Knit

USA Today’s PopCandy featured a ton of libsyn podcasters in it’s article Pop Podcast Primer: My Top 10 Film Podcasts, which actually resembles very much one of our latest blog posts 😉

Hollywood Babble On



Creative Screenwriting

The Tobolowsky Files

Movies You Should See

I love to see this sort of stuff! Please remember to let us know if your podcast is featured somewhere, we would love to highlight your successes 🙂


Do you want to join the libsyn team? Check out this post HERE to help you learn a little bit more about us and what we have to offer!

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