066 Contests For iTunes Reviews, Losing Your Co-host and Podcasts Connect Clarified

Episode 66 Contests for iTunes Reviews Losing Your Co-host and Podcasts Connect Clarified

Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :13
  • Promo 1: Your Motivational High 5 2:16
  • On the Libsyn Blog! 2:51
  • Promo 2: Down In The Hole 4:47
  • How to get featured on the show! 5:08
  • Be part of Thanks, Podcasting!
  • Promo 3: Media Fiasco Podcast 7:09
  • Rob & Elsie Conversation 7:34
    • Krystal and Elsie will be doing a Libsyn Live all about the iTunes New Podcasts Connect
    • Shout-out to some awesome podcasters! The Man Whore Podcast, Deedlecast and Grammar Girl!
    • How a little boy didn’t get nervous because of podcasting, a Rob Daddy story
    • Instagram contest for podcasters! 15:09
    • Rob breaks down how to immediately know if an article on podcasting is worth reading
    • Our very first Snapchat conversation! Elsie gives Rob his very first lesson on the platform
    • Is it ok to have a contest in your podcast for iTunes reviews?
    • Emily is happy Dave is working at Libsyn! And she reveals a big boo boo Elsie made 37:32
    • What is the best social network to drive audience to your podcast? The answer will surprise you!
    • What are the best days to publish podcasts?
    • We sucked at explaining Podcast Connect last time – we try to make amends
    • Apple’s Podcast Artwork specs clarified – yet again
    • How to add a character to your iTunes URL so that it automatically opens the podcasts app!
    • If you loose your co-host…what should you do?
    • Some super cool audio from Rob’s testing the iRig Mic Dual Lav 1:07:56
    • Rob’s proudest moment as a podcaster – and it has nothing to do with download numbers
    • Why did you leave us segment!
    • Stats time! The latest Mean and Median numbers revealed

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