Featured Podcasts on the Libsyn Directory: April 15

We’re always looking for ways to get your podcasts out in the world. We hope to get a little bit of promotional love to podcasters and podcasting through our Libsyn Directory.

How do get your podcast featured? Like us on Facebook and make sure that you comment when we ask if you’d like to be featured! That’s it!

We will feature up to 25 podcasts every other week 🙂

If you didn’t get featured this time, hold on tight, you will be.
We won’t feature the same podcasts week to week, that way we’ll get the most love to everybody!

This week’s featured podcasts

Check out all of these podcasts on the Libsyn Directory!

1. 5 Gallon Podcast

2. The Mouse Castle Lounge

3. Ad Astral Podcast

4. DiHard Podcast

5. Ms. Ileane Speaks Podcast

6. Believe The Hype – NBA Podcast

7. The Pox & Puss Podcast

8. IAP Podcasts

9. The Uncomfortable Truth

10. The Other Commentary

11. The One With Podcast

12. story4all podcast

13. Bad Wilf

14. The Delicate Sauce Podcast

15. The Politics and Guns Podcast

16. Gather Around Me

17. The Dead Air Horror & Genre Podcast

18. The Double D Podcast

19. Pittsburgh Radio: Burghseyeview

20. Surrounded in Pittsburgh: Steel City Resistance

21. The Show Radio Media

22. On Air Podcast Show Experience

23. The Debatable Podcast

24. Voices of Wrestling

25. Geek Therapy Podcast

REMEMBER: If your podcast is hosted with Libsyn, all you have to do to be featured is comment on our Facebook Page when we post and update requesting if you’d like to be featured 🙂

At this point and time those that host their media elsewhere are not able to be featured in the Libsyn Directory at this time.

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