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[Updated] Maybe you are starting a podcast to make money and see a podcast subscription as the first step. Or, perhaps you have been podcasting for years and are thinking about introducing a podcast subscription just to see how it goes. Wherever you are in your podcasting journey, a podcast subscription is always an option (no minimum downloads) and often exactly what your audience is looking for!

With  podcast subscription program, you can offer your loyal listeners exclusive content that only they are privy to for a small monthly fee. Fans are often happy to pay a little extra for content like:

  • Interviews with special guests
  • Insights into your creative process
  • Additional courses
  • A tour of your studio

Sounds great right?

But, you are already scheduling, recording, editing, publishing, promoting and more. Where the heck are you going to find time to create EXTRA content? 

Well, what if you could repurpose material you already have to create that exclusive podcast subscription content? Things like:

  • Extended Interviews & Conversations
  • Behind The Scenes Outtakes
  • Q&A | Audience Feedback
  • Ad-Free Episodes

Extended Interviews & Conversations

Essentially pre- and post-show banter. Simply start recording before you get to the real content of your podcast, providing an extended conversation with your guest (the warm-up) that you can use as a special episode. Same with the end of the recording. Capture the insights, the tangents, the humor … you get it. Only caveat: make sure your guest knows you are recording and will be publishing the content. 

Behind The Scenes Outtakes

These are essentially bloopers: the misreads, the stumbles, the tech mishaps, the dog barking, the tumbled coffee cups. These moments are inherently funny and engaging. And you probably have them recorded already! Throw one up each week or do a montage …

Q&A | Audience Feedback

This is where you gather all of the questions you’ve been asked on your website comments, social media, email, etc. and you answer them! Who’s your favorite podcast host? How are your goats doing? What’s always in your refrigerator? Anything’s game and your listeners will love to hear your responses. Thank them and encourage more convo/feedback!

Ad-Free Episodes

This one is simple. Remove all of the dynamic or host-read ads from this version and make it available.

Want all the inside tips and tricks for facilitating these money-making ideas? Watch Elsie’s video on creating audio bonus content through repurposing on our LIbsyn channel. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Glow-FM — Podcast Subscription Manager

You’ll see that Elsie’s video also covers Libsyn’s Glow subscription service that allows you to set up a membership or donation program. At Glow, you can:

  • Turn Your Fans into Income!— Glow is for EVERY podcaster, requiring no download minimums. Start a subscription and give listeners a way to support you today! 
  • Stay in Control — With subscriber support, you owe nothing to advertisers or sponsorships. Stay true to you — and your fans. 
  • Repurpose Your Content — Make money doing what you love with content you already have. Share bonus episodes, extended episodes, ad-free shows and more.
  • Stay Listener Ready Your audience can access your exclusive podcast membership on their preferred podcast app. No new apps needed.

In addition, Glow makes it easy to set up a monthly fee, that when paid, allows subscribers to access the premium content you have gathered. It takes care of the payment plans, allows you to choose payment levels and then spend your time focusing on content — your specialty! 

Learn more here today at Glow.

Your fans WANT to support you! Let them.

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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