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How to Start a podcast for any level

If you’ve landed here looking for our How to Start a Podcast in 10 Easy Steps guide, please click through. It has been updated to perform as a comprehensive reference for the entire podcasting lifecycle.

However, if you’re just trying to get your head around what level of podcasting you want to take on, this will be a nice read.

Essentially, there’s no one right way to podcast. Just as there are as many reasons to podcast as people on Earth, there are hundreds of ways to create and manage your podcast, with so many combinations of formats, styles, equipment, platforms — and budgets.

In this blog, we simply outline three levels of podcasting based on your podcasting budget. 

Picking the level that sounds like a good fit for you will allow you to begin podcasting with a framework in mind. We find it can be a good pre-thinking step before you launch. 

Which level best suits you? 🧐

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Level 1: Make It Inexpensive & Fast

If you want to try out podcasting and/or are looking for a low-cost approach, Level 1 is for you. Get online as easily and inexpensively as possible, while still knowing you’ll be set up properly to expand your efforts in the future if you want to.

You might choose Level 1 if you want to podcast about a personal interest or hobby, you’re creating a fan-based podcast, or you have big future dreams about podcasting but you don’t quite have the budget to invest right now.

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Level 2: Professional, but Practical

Level 2 is for anyone who wants to add podcasting to their marketing and outreach efforts for a business or organization. At this level, you’ll spend a little more money and time from the start, and that extra investment will help you create a more upscale experience for your audience.

This level is perfect for a small to medium business or nonprofit, or for someone hoping to build a new venture around their podcast.

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Level 3: Go Big or Go Home

When only the best will do! If you have a vision for the next big podcast and can afford top-of-the-line equipment (and can invest the time to learn to get the most out of it), Level 3 tips will guide you to creating a world-class podcast.

Don’t Worry, You Can Level Up Later

If you’re not sure what level of podcast you can create, try starting small.

You’ll learn as you go, not only about how to podcast but about what works for you, what your needs and preferences are, and what appeals to your listeners.

The answers about how to podcast, how to podcast successfully, what podcasting gear to use, how long to make the show, and all the rest of the questions that arise as you research or prepare to podcast are often answered when you’re podcasting.

The best solutions are the ones that come from your own experience in podcasting, consistently.

Plus, podcasting technology, workflows, and services are evolving all the time, there may well be some great new piece of tech you’ll want to upgrade to later, an easier workflow that wasn’t available when you started, or a new distribution channel.

When in doubt, keep it simple and focus on creating the best possible content for your audience.

Ready, Set, Go

Whatever your podcasting budget, our complete How to Start a Podcast in 10 Easy Steps guide will put you in a position to get started and KEEP Podcasting.

We recommend you read it next!

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