June 2023 Podcast Advertising Rates

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If you are looking into advertising on podcasts, podcast advertising rates (or CPM — Cost Per Thousand) are probably top of mind. To this end, we give you June 2023 Podcast Advertising Rates.

Each month Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace publishes the prior month’s rates to allow advertisers and podcasters to monitor market pricing and to foster insight into podcasting advertising as a monetization vehicle. 

The data is derived from actual sales data across AdvertiseCast’s network of 2,900 shows, including more than 225 exclusive podcasts.

Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer at Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast remarked, “Podcasting has come a long way, evolving from traditional host-read for direct response to a dynamic medium that holds immense potential for brands and advertisers. As industry leaders, it is our responsibility to educate and empower them about future possibilities. Contextual targeting, programmatic advertising, AI, and data-driven insights are revolutionizing the podcasting landscape, opening up new avenues for engagement and ROI. By embracing these advancements, brands can unlock the true power of podcast advertising, reaching their target audience with precision and creating meaningful connections.”

For June 2023, the average CPM rate was $23.03 for a 60-second ad spot. That figure is slightly down compared to last month (May 2023 avg. CPM rate: $23.47) and has decreased year-over-year (June 2022 avg. CPM rate: $23.89).

The three highest CPM categories in June based on delivered advertising were:

  • Technology: $27
  • Business: $26
  • Education: $25

The three highest CPM categories in April based on delivered advertising were:

  • Technology: $26
  • Education: $26
  • Business: $26

Moreover, three categories where advertisers can effectively tap into highly engaged audiences at more accessible CPM rates include Arts, Fiction, and History, which averaged around the high teens to low 20s in June.

Historical data dating back to 2020 can be found on the AdvertiseCast site, along with a pricing calculator that allows you to estimate the spend for your next advertising campaign. 

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