Libsyn Celebrates International Podcast Day With A One Day Online Conference!


Do you know what International Podcast Day is?

According to their website:

International Podcast Day™ is dedicated to promoting Podcasting worldwide through education and public engagement. You may be asking, what can I do to help and what can I do to get involved on International Podcast Day?

That is a cause we can get behind! And we pondered what we could do to contribute and….

In order to celebrate IPD we’ve decided to create content and share amazing insight and education about podcasting with our community as well as cultivate conversation with podcasters about podcasting via live Q&As.

Libsyn Live: One Day Online Conference

Be part of our very first online live event!

We will be featuring 4 of our in house experts tackling varied topics ranging from podcasting basics to podcasting from an iOS device.

The best thing is that it’s all FREEELEEEE!!!!

Here are some of the details:

SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 9:30 – 7pm EST

  • Podcasting 101/201 with Krystal O’Connor – 10:00am EST
  • Podcasting 100% from an iOS Device with Rob Walch – 12:00pm EST
  • Growing Your Podcast Audience with Dave Jackson – 2:00pm EST
  • Social Media Best Practices for Podcasters with Elsie Escobar – 4pm EST
  • Roundtable / Q&A – 7pm EST with the Libsyn Team! (Rob & Elsie – remote, Todd, Greg, Dave, Krystal – on site)

All you have to do to participate is show up here! (link will be public and live soon!)

Use the hashtag #LibsynLive!

If you want to stay informed about this event, and especially to get reminders about who, where, when, sign up for this special email list only for this online event!

Wanna be part of the fun?

The cool thing about this event is that we will be promoting podcasters as well!

In between the sessions, we will be rolling some videos where podcasters can share why they love podcasting, their podcast and where they can be found.

If YOU want to be one of those podcasters, check out this post!

We look forward to hanging out with you guys!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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