Libsyn Earns IAB 2.1 Certification: Setting the Standard in Podcast Measurement

IAB Tech Lab verified seal

At Libsyn, we’ve always prioritized accurate and reliable measurements for our podcasters and advertisers. Libsyn is now fully certified under the IAB 2.1 standards. This certification, defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), is the industry benchmark for podcast download filtering and measurement.

What Does IAB 2.1 Certification Mean?

The IAB Tech Lab has thoroughly vetted and certified Libsyn’s download counting methodology according to the Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines Version 2.1. These guidelines were developed by the IAB’s Podcast Technical Working Group, an initiative aimed at establishing a common language and standards for measurement within the podcast industry. Dig deeper into the latest version of the Podcast Technical Measurement Guidelines, v2.1 here.

Our Commitment to Innovation & Outcomes

As a leading podcast hosting and advertising company, Libsyn has made substantial investments in platform innovations, delivering unmatched specialist expertise, access to sought-after inventory, advanced targeting, and outcome-based measurement capabilities, along with access to brand safety and suitability tools.

Our focus on expanding our advertising business, enhancing tools for creators and advertisers to drive monetization, and increasing our global reach underscores our commitment to the podcasting community.

This IAB 2.1 certification marks yet another milestone in our journey. It not only highlights our dedication to maintaining the highest measurement standards but also reinforces our role as a trusted partner in the podcasting industry.

Why This Matters

For advertisers, this certification assures that the data provided by Libsyn is both reliable and accurate. It translates to trust and credibility — critical for cultivating long-term partnerships and driving proof-in-performance. For podcasters, it means better monetization opportunities and a clearer understanding of their audience engagement.

Looking Ahead

We are grateful for the support from the IAB and the podcasting community. By upholding these rigorous standards, we’ll continue to drive innovation and growth for our industry.

We’re excited about what the future holds and remain committed to providing the best tools and opportunities for podcasters and advertisers alike. This IAB 2.1 certification is just one additional step in our ongoing mission to elevate the podcasting experience for all.

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