Libsyn Live Event 003: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About RSS Feeds and Podcasting


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This is an incredible episode, especially for those new or seasoned podcasters that don’t quite understand RSS feeds, and how they affect your podcast.

We dive deep into maintaining control of your feed – which is a question that is asked all the time, not only over at Libsyn Support, but also in other podcasting communities.

Everybody has their own opinion about feed “control,” or maybe I should say, those that have been podcasting for a while, who happen to have a lot of influence and experience have their own opinion on controlling their feed, which they share with those that follow them.

  • This is great, because it makes it easier for a newbie podcaster to not have to do a ton of research and simply do what the podcasting “guru” tells them to do. It seems to have worked for them right? Why re-invent the wheel?
  • This is not so good for the same reason – as newbie podcasters we often “just” do what they do, without asking any other questions, because we don’t even know what questions to ask! And we might end up paying the price at a most inopportune time.

Krystal and I decided to do this episode so that you can hear both sides of the conversation about some of the most asked questions and hot topics on RSS feeds as they pertain to podcasting so that YOU can make an educated decision based on facts – not opinions.

Get ready for Podcasting School! Our lesson: RSS Feeds, Podcasting and You

  • :03 Apologies for not appearing! We had technical difficulties!!!! #googlehangoutfail
  • 1:20 Trademark infringement conversation from the Libsyn support perspective. MUST LISTEN!
  • 4:30 Why we have decided to address RSS feeds for podcasters – from the technician perspective
  • 5:40 What is an RSS feed?
  • 6:50 What is a valid RSS feed? and how do you know if it’s valid?
  • 9:15 How do you get an RSS feed?
  • 11:10 What exactly is Feedburner and should I use it for my podcast? Or not use it for my podcast?
  • 19:48 If someone wanted to use their CMS’s RSS feed into iTunes?
  • 22:30 You need to control your RSS feed, so how do you do it? What are the best ways to protect yourself and your RSS feed?
  • 25:40 Why don’t you use the Libsyn RSS feed?
  • 30:20 Why shouldn’t I just let all the WordPress plugins that will handle my feed and my podcasting needs?
  • 40:40 What if you want to switch to the Libsyn RSS feed?

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