Libsyn Live Event 004: Working With FTP and Podcasting While At A Conference


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Two big topics on the latest Libsyn Live!

We cover “mobile podcasting” at least from the perspective of attending a conference, and the essential gear as well as possible obstacles that you might face plus a full walkthrough of using FTP with Libsyn from how to do ti, to why you should!

Our amazing support ninja Krystal walks us through REPLACING your existing Libsyn file as well as a step by step of getting your files into your account using FTP and when this is a great solution.

Addressing podcasting while at a conference and when should you use FTP to upload your files?

  • 1:55 @wttm asks: how long until the transition assistant to Libsyn 4 is disabled?
  • 4:21 Mark Stapleton asks: I want to re-issue a best of episode – does it have to be re-uploaded or can it be uploaded another way ***Krystal walks you through this step by step!
  • 7:33 @KathyKellyRN asks: can we offer some mobile podcasting tips while at a conference?
  • 19:58 What exactly is FTP? And how to use it.
  • 24:04 The issue arises: I’m having trouble uploading my file to Libsyn and it’s not my file or my encoding. What do I do? HELP ME!
  • 26:15 FTP from scratch – ***super awesome Krystal walk through – step by step
  • 37:00 Question from Stephanie about Quickcast and ID3 tags
  • 44:48 What’s the different between the Dropbox folder and the Public folder?


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