Libsyn Live Event 005 How To Podcast Directly From Android


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We cover everything that has to do with podcasting directly from an Android device – with app walkthroughs and everything!

We touch on microphones, recording apps, how to get the darn audio file out of your device and onto your feed and tons more!

If you have an Android and have wanted to keep things simple with your podcast, this episode is a must listen/watch!!!

Podcasting from an Android Device – Step by Step

***All time codes are for the video

  • :35 intro
  • 3:07 Why is everyone talking about iOS and not podcasting via Android?
  • 5:32 A difference in ideology from Android in terms of development and how that affects podcasting.
  • 7:06 Latency issues with Android and how they USED to be an issue but no more!
  • 8:32 Why you should promote on Android – complete with stats
  • 10:56 Android specific microphone – examples and suggestions
  • 15:00 Recording into an Android – Apps
  • 15:22 Auphonic description
  • 16:04 Auphonic live walkthrough
  • 28:35 Some community communication
  • 28:52 A bit about Google Auto
  • 31:39 What if you are NOT using Auphonic? A walkthrough of Android editing apps on the go
  • 33:07 Walkthrough of Audio Evolution Mobile
  • 36:45 Call Recorder on Android – open system FTW!
  • 41:03 How to get your recording onto Libsyn??? FTP peeps!
  • 42:25 Krystal shares her Android FTP favorites
  • 43:40 ES File Explorer walkthrough
  • 49:50 How do we get people to subscribe via Android???
  • 52:54 What’s the importance of having your own app.
  • 59:57 Why doesn’t Google have a native podcasting app

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