Libsyn Live Event 1: Limitations With Feedburner And A Podcast Image Walkthrough


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Libsyn Live is another way for the Libsyn team to deepen the conversation with our users as well as to provide a place for our podcasters to ask question related to the Libsyn platform.

Libsyn Live is a monthly endeavor whose main focus is to answer questions live as well as to go deep into topics related to our platform and/or podcasting in general from a primarily a technical perspective.

Our first Libsyn Live: just getting our feet wet

For this episode of Libsyn Live, Krystal and Elsie test the waters and deal with tech issues as they cover an array of topics directly from our users as well as FAQs all about images.

  • General rambling and getting ourselves all settled in to our first hangout!
  • Who is Krystal? Introduction of her as well as the Libsyn Support Team 5:30
  • How to launch a Google Hangout on Air 8:12
  • Are there any good Feedburner substitutes? 16:12
  • Differences between a Google Hangout on Air and a Google Event? 24:15
  • Is Libsyn going to make a WordPress Plugin? 25:53
  • Quick and dirty Libsyn On Publish to WordPress walkthrough 27:10
  • Crazy WordPress related surprise announcement! Breaking news! 30:51
  • Do we need beta testers? 33:24
  • Breaking down images in Libsyn, for your podcast, for ID3 tags and more! 35:55
  • Complete walkthrough of images in Libsyn 37:44
  • Should we order more #podcaster t-shirts? 47:11


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You can ask your questions via social media, tag us and use the hashtag #libsynlive!

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