Libsyn Live Event Number 002 All About Libsyn 4.1.1. and Why You Should E-mail Support with Techy Questions


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Libsyn Live is another way for the Libsyn team to deepen the conversation with our users as well as to provide a place for our podcasters to ask question related to the Libsyn platform.

Libsyn Live is a monthly endeavor whose main focus is to answer questions live as well as to go deep into topics related to our platform and/or podcasting in general from a primarily a technical perspective.

Libsyn Live: the community speaks!

You are in for a treat with this episode! Krystal gives a live walkthrough of some of the best features of the Libsyn 4.1.1. update.

She takes you step by step on how to have an email delivered straight to your inbox, giving you the down low about your stats – stats addiction unlimited 🙂

That alone is worth the price of admission.

We also answer a ton of live questions from the audience during the Google Hangout that all have to specifically to the Libsyn platform. Super fun fun fun!

  • A rundown of the awesome features of the Libsyn 4.1.1 release 1:30
  • Krystal leads peeps through a killer walkthrough of the new stats feature 2:33
  • Why we don’t provide subscriber numbers to iTunes 9:17
  • New on publish feature: now you can set directory link, download link or episode URL. 14:15
  • The media section looks a little different…now you can add files from Dropbox!!! 16:30
  • And then Krystal turns around and walks you through how to upload straight from Dropbox into the Libsyn interface 18:11
  • Screen reader and high security features where no java script is supported addressed in this update to Libsyn 4 19:40
  • How to delete a file, replace and keep your stats 22:20
  • How come Pocketcast has weird formatted shownotes? 23:50
  • A teeny update on our upcoming WP plugin 25:25
  • What your first course of action should be for getting support and why social media isn’t very efficient for getting support 27:10
  • Yes, you can crosspost to more than one Twitter account directly from the Libsyn dashboard 32:27
  • What is the image that is pulled into Facebook when you crosspost your episodes and why does it not show the one you want (sometimes) 34:05
  • Discussion on shownotes formatting and smartphone apps that pull it into their feed 35:30 *Some apps parse show notes differently.
  • Libsyn is simple enough to use so your head doesn’t explode, and all kinds of details on how you can easily get started 38:36
  • How does one create using a podcast page using Libsyn 44:18

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