Make a Podcast in 2023 with Libsyn Studio

“Make a podcast.” You hear it in your dreams. Your friends keep telling you “You’re so funny,” “You have a great voice,” “You tell the best stories,” and you know they are right. You should just start. Everything in you is ready to make a podcast, to jump into your dream. But where do you start?

There are expensive courses, loads of blogs, and endless well-intentioned how-to videos to sift through. It’s a lot to unpack. You know there are basic skills you need to tackle to make a podcast, like recording and editing. These are hardly what got you excited about podcasting in the first place.

You want to share YOUR voice and vision quickly — not get lost in tech. You wish there was a tool with a place to write a script, add music, record audio, and publish your voice to the world without investing in multiple services and expensive equipment.


Libsyn Studio gives you all that and more! It provides the guidance and the tools you need to create an intentional and professionally structured podcast — fast.


Making a Podcast Should Be Fun

Inspired by the needs of new podcasters, Studio helps you make a podcast AND guides you through the whole process. Available with every Libsyn hosting plan, it is the fastest and easiest way for Libsyn customers to create and launch a podcast. No upgrades and no additional accounts are needed if you are a current Libsyn customer, just log in to give it a try.

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Easy Guided Podcast Episode Recording

Studio’s built-in, guided creation process is gold. Did you know there are best practices for podcast episode structure that most successful podcasters use for every episode? As an avid podcast consumer, you may have never noticed. Studio to the rescue!

Studio walks you through these common elements and ups your podcasting game immediately. The option to record audio segments at your own pace and go back and re-record them to your ears’ content feels effortless. It lifts the entire weight of the question, “what did I miss?” Starting out with a strong industry-tested episode framework gives you the creative freedom to evolve with each episode.


Make a podcast recording segments

Custom Reusable Podcast Intro, Outro & CTAs

This feature is fun for both new and experienced podcasters. The option to create reusable audio chapters in Libsyn Studio while making a podcast episode is pure practical brilliance. The Studio tool provides three audio chapters you can save and reuse.

Custom Intro & Outro

You can quickly create a professional intro and outro that can be used for future episodes. With a library of royalty-free music that you can pair with your recording, the fun is just beginning. Your choice of music then automatically adjusts to play quietly behind your voice. You will sound like a pro without ever touching audio editing software. You can even load your own music. It’s so cool to see how the application of music to voice enhances content.

Podcast CTA Creation (Call to Action)

Podcast CTAs are one of the most essential elements of episode creation that will help you grow your audience. Where can your audience go to learn more about you? Where can they find your podcast? Are you on social? Studio ensures you don’t forget this critical part of episode creation in all the excitement. Record your CTA once and move on to the heart of your content.


Libsyn Studio Makes Podcast Creation Easy

Libsyn Studio is designed for those who want simple, reliable, and fast audio recording within their podcast hosting service. It takes care of the audio engineering for you, leveling and improving sound quality before you publish. It provides tips and examples throughout the creation process, plus we offer additional support resources for Recording an Episode with Libsyn Studio. To start using Studio today, you just need to log in to your Libsyn account, click the NEW button in the upper right corner and then click “Build with Studio.”


One Place for Everything Podcasting

Studio literally creates the opportunity for us to support new podcasters joining the Libsyn community like never before. So start a podcast on Libsyn and get the tools you need to record your podcast today, grow tomorrow, and monetize when you’re ready.

Make the dream a reality.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of Studio, and we can’t wait to listen to the podcasts you create. Our dedicated product team is always all ears for your feedback at [email protected].



Extraordinary Podcasting For All

Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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