Make Plans to Submit a Smartphone App for Your Podcast in January – Save $50

Save by getting your podcast app through Libsyn!

$50 discount on Libsyn’s standalone podcast app

Libsyn is offering a $50 discount for those who submit app requests for a listing of a free app in the iOS or Android market during the month of January 2016.

Yah! Yippee! Saving money is so good.

You suddenly have $50 more for holiday shopping, New Years festivities, or tickets to The Force Awakens.

You will also have a shiny new app for your podcast that your audience will love!

Make sure your Standalone Podcast App is ready for 2016

Why are we telling you now? It is just barely December, why are we making you worry about January 2016?

The holidays can be crazy busy and it takes a little time to complete everything required for the apps. Not like, oh my goodness I will never finish this time, but more like…. I should spend more than 2 minutes thinking about the graphics, keywords, and description I provide kind of time.

We wanted to provide some advanced notice in order to submit the information required for the apps before the end of January.

Here’s everything that you need to do to cash in on the savings and get everything submitted to get your app started!

  1. You need to be a level app400 account holder – new or existing.
  2. You need to submit a completed app form (iOS or Android) through the Libsyn interface. The submission form is located under Destinations.
  3. You need to submit your completed app form during the month of January 2016.
  4. You need to email [email protected] and mention this promotion.

If you complete steps 1–4 you will get the one time $50 set-up fee waived!

You may choose to submit one or both apps as part of the promotion.

The $10 monthly adder, developer account fees and regular Libsyn hosting fees will still apply.

Before you complete the forms mentioned above you need:

We provide support for creating both within the forms mentioned above in the Libsyn UI as well as the links above.

When will my app be ready?

All apps submitted as a part of this promotion will take approximately 5 to 6 weeks to be listed in each market.

That means it will be somewhere between February and March, depending on when the form is originally submitted.

Please note that we cannot submit an app to the markets if you have not published three episodes or your content or a form that includes copyrighted material or graphics.

The monthly $10 adder will not be charged until your app is live and you should be able to track its progress within Libsyn after you have submitted the information.

Want to see some examples of the Libsyn Standalone Smartphone apps?

HERE is more detailed information about our offering.


Complete and submit the forms in your account during the month of January and email [email protected] to receive the $50 discount.

Here a checklist for you to download so you can have it right by your side for reference!

Please make sure you have provided all the required graphics and that you have three published episodes.

If you have any questions about this promotion email [email protected]

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