Marc Maron, NYTimes, Rolling Stone, Road Trip

WTF is Marc Maron on a streak.  The show is currently the number two ranked podcast in iTunes, nipping at the heels of This American Life.  Ira Glass was a recently a guest on WTF so that seems fitting.  Ten minutes into the show and Ira is swearing.

If you haven’t yet heard the show its a rare window into the life behind comedians.  Maron interviews the best talent in the industry, and draws amazing moments out of his guests.  It’s the first show that comes to mind now for friends seeking podcasts.  But ignore our clunky bloggin’s and head right over to his big New York Times story for the the full scoop.

Or check out the Rolling Stone roundup of The Ten Funniest People, Video and Things of the Coming Year.

And if you are lucky, you can do what we did, take a road trip to catch his stand up in person.   We are currently enjoying Mama’s Falafel in Philadelphia while we wait to catch his show.

You should check out his App for iOS too!



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