Podcast Movement 2022 — Libsyn’s in the House!

Podcast Movement 2022 banner, Dallas 2022, August 23-26 with the Libsyn Team

Plan to stop by booth 212 at Podcast Movement 2022 in Dallas, Texas next week. Every Libsyn brand will be there and we’ve got the tools you need for every part of your podcasting journey. Podcast creation, hosting, growth, professional podcast websites, and monetization with Libsyn’s Glow and AdvertiseCast Marketplace.

We also partnered up with Shure this year at the Libsyn booth, so stop by and try one of their mics and Libsyn Studio. Did we mention we have prizes, and amazing sessions lead by our awesome team? If you are headed to Podcast Movement 2022 we would love to see you at the Libsyn booth. Find our team and say hello in the conference Swapcard App too!

Don’t Miss These Libsyn Sessions at Podcast Movement 2022!

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Collective Action & Collective Voices
Collective Action & Collective Voices Podcast Movement

Collective Action & Collective Voices

Aug 25, 9:30 – 10:15 AM, Dallas Room B

Libsyn’s Elsie Escobar & Laurie Sims bring some of the top podcasting experts and leaders of marginalized genders, including Ona Oghogho, Tangia Estrada, and Stevie Manns to discuss essential podcasting perspectives and how the podcasting industry can continue supporting the #ClaimPodParity movement.

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Rob Walch Podcast Movement 2022

Yes, That Marketing Advice for Your Podcast is BS

Aug. 25, 2:15 – 3 PM CT,  Lone Star A1/A2

This session will go over why much of the advice on how to market your podcast is pure BS. It will cover how Apple Podcasts actually works and kill off a few myths about how people think it works. It will go over some of the methods that are actually effective based on looking at real numbers. For those however that really want to know what does and does not work for growing your audience, this session will be an eye opener!

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Dave Jackson Podcast Movement 2022

Above Your Hosting Stats: 5 Additional Sources to Help You Understand Your Audience

Aug. 25, 3: 30 – 4:15 PM CT, Lone Star C1/C2

In this session, you will look at additional stats from Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Apple, and Google Analytics to help you understand what is working (and not) with your content.

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Jill Podcast Movement 2022

Podcast Monetization: Set Your Show Up for Success

Aug. 26, 9:45 – 10:30 AM CT, Lone Star A3/A4

Live host-reads or pre-produced ads? Dynamic or baked-in spots? Join a network or sell yourself? Audio only or simulcast? What are the right ways to monetize your podcast, moderated by Jill Seelig.

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Rob Greenlee Podcast Movement 2022

New Media Show Live with Special Guest Adam Curry!

 Aug. 26, 2022 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM CT, Lone Star B

Today we are seeing growing interest in removing RSS as a default from the publishing and distribution process to enable direct to individual platform publishing. The question is, are we OK with it?

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Bryan Green promoting his session "Effectively Growing Your Podcast Downloads and Listnership" at Podcast Movement 2022

Effectively Growing Your Podcast Downloads
& Listenership 

Aug. 26, 10:45 – 11:15 AM, Lone Star A1/A2

From social to organic and paid marketing, our panelists will highlight strategies they have used to grow both new podcasts with no downloads, up through breaking free from the “download plateau” with larger, more established podcasts.

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As always, WE LOVE seeing you at conferences — we learn so much!  What do you need, what do you hope to achieve, where are you in your journey, and how can we do better for you? These exchanges are what keep us striving to be the best podcast-as-a-service provider.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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