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Podcast Clean-Up Series: Check Your Links!

Image via Wikipedia A couple of years ago, I was interviewed for podcast. Of course I linked to it in one of my blog posts as well as my own podcast show notes. About a year or so later I received an email from one of my podcast listeners informing

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Podcast Podcasting Starter Kit For Absolute Newbies

You’ve been hearing about podcasting for a while and you’re finally up for jumping in. Where do you begin if you want to podcast? Especially if you are not too familiar with what exactly podcasting really is. In order to offer the best advice I decided to put on my

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What’s The Story Behind Your Podcast?

I was flipping through the blogs I like to follow about social media and noticed a bunch of posts about the idea of story – your story, the story behind your business or your blog.  A few careers ago I worked on political campaigns.  I was new to campaigns and was

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Podcast Artwork Support and Resources

Everybody loves pictures. I’m sure that you’ve had your attention drawn by them at some point during your day. Images are power. Images, design, color and graphics hold within them the power to convey distinct and compelling information. They have the strength to engage the viewer to step closer to

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We’re Going Camping, PodCamping

We are happy to once again be participating in this weeks PodCamp Pittsburgh.  We will be hanging out at the PodCamp activities all weekend long.  If you are in Pittsburgh – please stop by and say hello. On Sunday at 1pm we will be hosting a session about monetization and

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Surefire Ways To Kill Your Ability To Monetize Your Podcast

Not all podcasters want to monetize their podcast. In fact a lot of indie podcasters start a podcast because they love podcasting, have an overwhelming passion for something and simply want to share it with the world. As time goes on (if they don’t podfade!) their passion grows and they

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