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Make a Podcast in 2023 with Libsyn Studio

“Make a podcast.” You hear it in your dreams. Your friends keep telling you “You’re so funny,” “You have a great voice,” “You tell the best stories,” and you know they are right. You should just start. Everything in you is ready to make a podcast, to jump into your

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Graphic reading "Scary Good Podcaster" with picture of Jim Harold and an eerie night sky over ragged Libsyn turquoise.

How to Create a Podcast that’s Scary Good

Creating a podcast is, for some, the dream of making a living doing something you love. It can feel so lofty and elusive … it’s scary. For Jim Harold, it is a reality that changed his life. His desire to create a podcast started with a sneaking suspicion that he

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Elsie with a BIG smile looking extremely excited next to title reading "Podcast Education Resources"

Podcasting Education — Experience is the Best Teacher

A podcasting education is integral to podcasting. I’ve been teaching podcasting for more than a decade. In fact, back when I started, I was asked to do a “How To Podcast Workshop” a year after I had started my podcast! Here are my receipts circa July 2007!  Many things have

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You, dark-skinned man with mic on boom arm and headphones next to header that reads "Just Start & Trust Yourself"

Create a Podcast in 2023 — Just Start!

[Updated] Should you create a podcast? Can you create a podcast? Yes, the answer is YES, just start. We interviewed 500 podcasters in our Rockin Libsyn Podcast series at all stages of podcasting and asked them:  “What do you wish you knew before you started podcasting?” We found there are

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christie lazo | vida with christie podcast

Christie Lazo | Vida with Christie Podcast | Motherhood

Podcasting about my motherhood journey gave me the opportunity to put my voice out there. It inspired me to be bold and unapologetic. This series is all about Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts, like Vida With Christie Podcast to the world as well as

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Vincent Didiano | The Patronarchy

 “Entertaining people has always been on my mind … The Patronarchy does just that!” This series is all about Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts, like The Patronarchy, to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community! Q & A

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Choosing a Podcast Format

When you start thinking about your podcast format — what kind/style of podcast you would like to create — we recommend considering three things: established configurations, number of regular host/s and future evolution.   In general, your podcast format should be reflective of subject and style. It should have room for

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Jay Ray & Sir Daniel | Queue Points | Black Music & History

“Imagine a conversation between you and your favorite person, and you both just happen to be audiophiles who feel a deep connection to music artistry. That’s Queue Points.”   This series is all about Libsyn podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well

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Visual reading "How to Create the Best Podcast Titles" with Libsyn logo and person writing on a turquoise background.

How to Create the Best Podcast Titles

Your podcast title is what allows people to find you when they search the internet or their podcast app. In addition to your podcast title, other search fields play pivotal roles in listeners finding your show. Here we are going to discuss some important things to think about when selecting:

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209 Starting A Podcast in 2022?

New public domain work, more podcasting acquisitions, adding video or not to your podcasting workflow, we have an affiliate program, yas! What you need to start a podcast in 2022, the power of host read ads, ad insertion best practices, from promo codes to insertion points, and of course stats!

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get ready to record your podcast!

Get Ready to Record Your Podcast

You’ve planned your show. You’ve curated your recording space. Now it’s time to get set up for recording!

We’ll walk you through preparing the intro & outro, adding music, and recording tips specific to each podcaster level (1, 2 and 3).

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Planning Your Podcast

Plan Your Podcast

Planning a podcast can take anywhere from as little as a half hour all the way up to a multi-person planning effort and some expenses for research. It’s time well spent at the start to set yourself up for success and save time and hassles later.

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