Podcasting Brands Share What’s New for Podcasters in 2021


New For Podcasters in 2021


Let’s ring in the new year with some good news for podcasters!

We asked our friends in podcasting to share, in their own words, the phenomenal creative work they are planning for 2021.

The needs of podcasting and podcasters continue to expand. Innovation in the podcasting industry didn’t stop in 2020 from both the brands that support podcasters and podcasters themselves. 

It is inspiring to see what these 8 brands are looking forward to in 2021!

We included Libsyn and our friend Pair Networks, of course!😉



2021 is going to be a big year for Castro. With the recent addition of an M1 Mac app, we're working on bringing sync to keep your listening experience consistent across multiple platforms. We're also excited to announce that Castro is getting a major makeover, and iPad will not be left out. We're still in the early stages, but Libsyn is getting an exclusive sneak peek.


The new year is all about new features for us at SquadCast. We’re excited to release our video recording feature, which will enable SquadCasters to record & download high-quality video from their interviews to use as promotional material for their podcasts. Our team is growing and we’re adding some very talented engineers to SquadCast, which means users will see tons of improvements throughout the app. We’re also excited to eventually be able to hang out with other podcasts in person soon!


In 2021, Auxbus will continue helping people create podcasts, faster and easier. We’ll continue to refine our award-winning guidance and automation platform that saves podcasters time, getting them the results they want with easy-to-use automatic sound tuning, reusable segments, and instant episode assembly and distribution. We’ve been putting the finishing touches on Auxbus Connect, which enables remote interviews, and for co-hosts in different places to record without complicated setup, and without sacrificing sound quality. We can’t wait to see what people will create with Auxbus—and Auxbus Connect! You can learn more at auxbus.com.


Twenty-twenty-one, 2021 - it sounds so promising after a year when the world as we know it was turned upside down, a year of missing the company of loved ones, a year of not being able to share happy and sad occasions, a year of not meeting our colleagues and customers for a cup of coffee and a chat at conferences.

But 2020 was also a year that, no matter what else, returned audio story sharing to the forefront of media usage, proving that media can still be intimate, relevant and personal in an age when social media was lumping us all into ad sales groupings and teaching us to only focus for 7 seconds at a time.

I look forward to supporting the continued growth of podcasts providing in-depth analysis, creative fiction, personal stories and using my imagination to paint pictures in my mind as I listen to all the wonderful stories my friends are creating with Hindenburg in 2021.


Pair continues its commitment to being a Word-Class web host by expanding the ways we keep our customers' sites and data safe. 2021's plans include further expansion of our malware products with the addition of new service levels for our popular, custom-built malware scanning, new remediation services, and the addition of a subscription-based malware protection plan. Our web hosting customers love going directly to Pair for services because we're typically more affordable and quicker than third-party providers, and because our customers already trust us with their data and privacy.

As part of our commitment to customer privacy and security, we offer access to our custom-built malware scanning tool for free, and we regularly educate our customers on security matters through free webinars, newsletters, and our always-growing blog and Knowledge Base. Jaime, one of Pair's security experts, is a familiar face to Pair's customers because she's often the star of our security webinars and a great resource on security education. She offers up a few easy-to-follow tips to help keep your website safe, no matter who you're hosted with:

-Keep third party software up-to-date
-Always follow strong password guidelines
-Maintain regular backups


Over at Headliner, while our users have been cranking out more than 10K videos a day to help listeners discover their podcasts on social media, we’ve also been working on a new podcast recommendation widget. This new widget experience will help turn your website visitors into podcast listeners as it allows you to put short clips of your podcast in front of the right reader at the right time. While the widget is still in development, we look forward to giving you another option to promote your podcast and find new listeners in 2021. Keep up with the latest from Headliner on Twitter.


Our focus in 2021 will be to continue helping customers achieve the best quality audio regardless of their environment. While 2020 might have physically distanced us, it truly brought us together in new ways and helped people understand the importance of good audio. As a result, we are hearing and seeing the creative output from people all over the world and will continue to see an explosion of content throughout 2021.


We are so excited for 2021 because that means we are that much closer to the launch of Libsyn 5. We listened (and are continually listening) to our customers to bring the best interactive, design friendly Libsyn platform to date! We have worked hard to bring you the next generation of the Libsyn platform.

We have a little surprise to end 2020 - you can see Libsyn 5 for yourself! We are looking for podcasters to join our beta community to give us their feedback about the platform. The purpose of our beta community, at its core, is to engage with you, our users, so that we can make sure the tools we design and develop fit your needs. If this is something you’d like to be part of sign up here.

Join the New Libsyn Beta Community and be the first to see what comes next.

A big thank you to all of the brands that contributed to this post.

If there is one thing we have learned in 2020, it is the importance of collaboration,  and working together to make podcasting better for everyone.

Don’t forget to give our friends a follow on social media and check them out if you don’t already use them for your podcast.

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