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🎉 Celebrate! The Feed 200 is out! 🎉

→ Skype recording follow-up,
→ Getting recommended by Google Podcast,
→ What’s required to attend real life podcasting conferences,
→ More on the Facebook Podcasts experience,
→ What to do when your podcast is pirated and
→ Stats! User agents and geographic.

Big thank you to all of you for helping us celebrate!:

Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Top Artist Podcast

Jessica says…

The My Modern Met Top Artist podcast is a bi-weekly show with a rotating roster of hosts, who are all writers for My Modern Met and passionate about art.

Each episode we sit down with a top creative and spend about 30 minutes picking their brain about their early career, creative process, and some of their most memorable projects.

We’ve interviewed everyone from legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry to Iris Scott, who has a successful career as a finger painter and Jason deCaires Taylor, who builds vast underwater museums.

All about podcast advertising!

We had an amazing webinar all about advertising. Are you up for some free education? Sign up to get the replay for FREE!


  1. Are you ready for advertisers?
  2. What if you are ready, what are some ways in which podcasts can pursue advertisers on their own?
  3. What if you don’t want to do it on your own?
  4. Let’s talk money – how much can a podcaster make from advertising?
  5. Breaking down definitions
  6. CPM
  7. Baked in ads
  8. Dynamic ad insertion
  9. Programmatic
  10. You got advertising! How do you keep advertisers happy?
  11. What are the next steps to work with AdvertiseCast?

Podcasting News 🐥 on Social

Astro teams up with Timbuk2 to make bags for all of your gaming gear

Unzipping its outermost layers reveals one of its highlights: a headphone holder. Headphones that have swiveling ear cups can be secured with a durable-feeling fabric hook that clasps onto a button. Within the same pocket, there are spaces big enough to fit (and protect) a phone or a portable battery pack, a controller, some cables, and other small objects like pens.

Introducing Riverside 2.0 – Your Online Recording Studio

New test brings Reels to Facebook in the US

These will show up for some users in the News Feed and within Groups, where people can watch them together. (The company is already testing this in India, Mexico, and Canada, and the US limited rollout is just an extension of that test.) As part of this test, Instagram users will also be able to cross-post their reels to Facebook.

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